— Zombie
Zombie Is Planned To Appear In An Upcoming Object Camp Called Mausoleum Of Terror


Zombie Has A Round Head And A Square Body. Other Than That,The Rest Is Told In The Image


Zombie Is Just Your Typical Cluster Of Rotting Flesh That Has Been Reanimated. He Has A Ravenous Appetite For Brains,Despite The Fact That He Has A Brain. He Thinks Eating Brains Will Make Him Smarter,But Sadly He Never Realized That It Doesn't Work That Way. A Maggot Lives In His Skull,And Doesn't Even Have To Pay Rent,Because Its Tiny Brain Cannot Sustain Zombie's Appetite.(The Size Of One's Brain Does Not Affect Their IQ,By The Way.) Zombie Sometimes Talks With The Maggot;And The Other Creatures Always Thinks That He's Talking To Himself.

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