Zipper is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Zipper is a white and metallic zipper. The zipper has a white box at the top that connects to the line you can unzip across. There is another oval-shaped part that can be twirled around a bit. It is the part that you hold when you unzip things. Zipper has both arms and legs.


Zipper is a girl who can usually be seen standing in the middle of nowhere, just being bored. From the knowledge of most objects, that’s all she really does. She’s actually feared by Evil Blaster’s Alliance, since she’s a good fighter. When she’s not bored, she’s hanging out with 3DS Game Cartridge, probably helping her out in an RPG. Zipper doesn’t want to join Evil Blaster’s Alliance, since it would be too boring just going around and giving people a kick or something. Zipper actually has thoughts about helping out with White Spoon’s counter-alliance to Evil Blaster’s Alliance.

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