NOTE: Z is not a rip-off of Z owned by User:Nemolee.exe. I did not know that it existed when I created the OC.

Z is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Z’s body is shaped after the final letter in the alphabet, Z. On the ends, he has two spikes. He has both arms and legs, and has red eyes.


Z tries to be evil and intimidates other people, but messes it up. He’s in Evil Blaster’s Alliance, and they’re constantly telling him how to improve himself. At least, they used to. He got so sick of their comments, that he left the alliance, and now works with Unknowny instead. You see, Evil Blaster’s Alliance cause trouble, but Unknowny and anyone who works with him cause it on a grander scale. As seen in Question Box’s Adventure, Unknowny can literally manipulate the state that things around him are in.


  • He can deal significant damage with his claws.
  • Unknowny gave him the ability to fly.

Question Box’s Adventure

In Question Box’s Adventure, Z is the first boss in Volcanic Land. He appears in Mission #10, Final Letter Fight. More info about his attack patterns on the page.


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