Yin is a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity and was placed in The Bright Lights. Yin, however, isn't just an individual, but shares a body with his counterpart, named Yang.


Yin is a good and helper character and the complete opposite of his counterpart, Yang. He is a good, kind-hearted, and reasonable individual who things through before taking actions, avoid having to argue with anyone. He and Yang share the same body, thus having two personalities at once, one is kind-hearted, and another who likes to wreak havoc. Because of this, Yin's deed to help and carry his team is often replaced with the opposite of that.


Separated, Yin is a plain white circle, who is supposed to represent the white half of the full circle whom he was based off, Yin-Yang. When he shares the body with his rival Yang, he takes the bottom half of the full body.


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He has a crush on Bow in Object issues.

in a scrapped version of bfom 4, he, as well as yang and a 3rd part called ying (or yan) appeared as a possible debuter called triple yin-yang. this was dropped however and yin-yang-Ying didn't make the debut. he also didn't return for bfoma.


  • When Yin ate Dough, the viewers became upset. They voted Yin-Yang out for this with 1,859 votes.
  • In actual Taoism, Yin represents the dark half of the symbol.


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