Yellow Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Yellow Domino, like Red Domino and Orange Domino (who are two other characters in the series), is a Domino. However, he is a yellow one. His bottom number shows 4 dots, whereas the one on his head shows 3 dots. He has arms, which not many other Domino characters have.


Because he has arms, he thinks that he gets more priorities than the other dominoes. Since Orange Domino has the same belief (only that she thinks that because she is smart), they often get into fights that can drag on for a while. Some of the other objects think that they are fun to watch, however. He was once going to be part of Evil Blaster’s Alliance, but rejected the offer.


  • Even though he prioritises himself for having arms, Green Domino does too.
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