Yang is a character in Inanimate Insanity 2.


Yang is an evil character and the rival of Yin. He and the latter has an inverse personalities to each other, with Yang being the mean, careless one who likes to causes troubles and havoc on everything and everyone. Because he and Yin share the same body, they often argue with themselves. Despite Yang's often insulting of Yin, he seems to averse the fact that he is separated from Yin, shown in an Inanimate Insanity episode.


He is a black circle/symbol that resembles a Chinese element.



  • In actual Taoism, Yang is the light, "good" half.
  • Yang was eliminated with 1,859 votes.
  • Yang is gluten-free, as he said in episode 5.
  • Although Yang says he is gluten free, he did eat the pizza in episode 4, which could mean he lied.
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