Xbox Logo is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Xbox Logo’s body is in the shape of the classic “X Circle” Xbox Logo design, with his face being in the middle, and his legs being at the bottom.


If Xbox Logo was in an Object Show, he’d be a pretty interesting character. He has the motive that, if he doesn’t do anything, he’s effectively not bothering anyone, but nobody likes him either - it would actually allow him to get pretty far. Other than that, he has some hidden talent that is never awakened because of the obstacle impaled in his mind. This is all relevant, because Xbox Logo, along with 19 other objects, are going to be competing in Clash For Object Supremacy.


In Clash For Object Supremacy, Xbox Logo was one of the final people to be picked on the Imaginators. When voting ended, Xbox Logo was announced eliminated, being eliminated with 2 votes out of the 4 votes in total. He was the first person out. He didn’t really do much in the show apart from start a fight against Candy Corn. Apart from that he was a background character.


  • When he is evil, the Logo turns black, and he gains arms.
  • -1 actually wants to be friends, because -1’s favourite gaming console is Xbox One. He thinks that Xbox Logo actually cares about Xbox and Microsoft (which isn’t true) and that he’ll tell him secret insights (again, not true).
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