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"I think I know what's going on, you bought X (TAGS), didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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I'm a jock. You're a jerk. Big Difference.

X Is a male contestant On The Alphabet Game Show. He also competed in When Scratch Objects Brawl as Crossy. For the BFB character, see X (Battle for BFDI).




His personality is a lot like Knife. Although he can be aggressive and mean, he has a soft and nice side. He has a tempered attitude and has been intended to make enemies with people easily. O is a good example. It is actually preferred that his pose shows him smiling.


See X (TAGS)/Relationships.


  • He is normally not evil. However, he was an antagonist in When Objects Work during one episode and in neutral after.
  • He has a crush on Q.
  • He's the principal in Object 3 in 1 School.
  • There is a host named X in BFB.


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