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"Yay! Hee-hee, Woody, you're such a good friend!" - Furry Ball
This character is popular, and they're loved by many fans, maybe even because they're the host, they won a show or they're super likable.


(translated) I was worried about the book getting stolen. It was a very scary book, but due to my past, I know how important it is for things to stay with their respectful owners. Theft is not okay. And then Leafy, the one who stole everything, came over. I was scared she was going to steal me, maybe? I was freaking out, but I had to be brave and play it cool. I just stood perfectly still and tried not to let her bother me. But then Leafy brought out these terrifying long things (I think they were snakes), and tried flinging them around with Taco. I was shocked! Snakes are horrifying. This made my bravery juice run low. I wanted to solve the book theft mystery because I know it hurts to have something you treasure ripped from you. But I'm no Superman, so I needed to relax and return to safety first. I ran to my place of comfort until Four called us for Cake at Stake.

See BFDI wiki for detailed canon info.

Woody, labeled The A-Plus, is a contestant in Battle for Dream Island. In BFDIA, Woody failed to join with 266 votes, either way, he was deceased during the time making him disqualified.

He is as his name suggests, wood. Not necessarily one, but a type that's called a balsa. One that's quite light-weighted referencing to his fragile appearance and lack of physical strength.

Woody was eliminated in the episode Bridge Crossing, as he lost the game in all of the three turns, making him the lowest ranking contestant in BFDI. He eventually appeared in the finale, rooting for Leafy to win (but unfortunately Firey did).

He returns in IDFB, alive probably after being revived in the events of The Long-lost Yoyle City.

He also competed in BFB, but never switched to TPOT. He then got eliminated in BFB 26, with him getting the least votes.


Woody appears to be a thick piece of balsa wood, which is a type of wood used in crafts and woodworking. Because of this, it is a softwood, meaning that Woody is very fragile (which was stated by Tennis Ball.) His outer part is tan-like, while his inside is a beige-ish-taupe.


Woody developed panophobia, as is the case in BFDI as he was paranoid and always appeared to be nervous, probably not at a young age, if not probably during an event causing this. He also gets picked on and pushed around by contestants like Pin, Blocky, and Flower.

Despite his phobia, he is heard to often be either screaming or showing a sign for panicking. Many have bullied him because of this and yet he has lacked social skills and is usually considered useless, despite his fears.

Notably, he's also afraid of others that are physically weaker than him, for example, Bubble, sometimes even afraid of things such as the number 5 or the color grey, which is harmless. This can also be an example of his childish behavior. Either way, he's gentle, friendly, and soft-hearted. Though despite his soft nature, he can also be violent if out-of-character whereas he slaps Needle when voting for Firey.

In BFB, however, Woody isn't as paranoid as he used to be and does a better job at socializing with his team. Although he is still known for being afraid and insecure, he seems to have grown more confident over time, even to the point of making his first kill in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want". He is a loyal teammate and tries to be helpful, but his fear often gets in the way of helping his team.


Season Victim Number of Times Killed Episode
5 Lighter 3 Dazy Lazy (twice), Gondolami Macaroni
4 Foldy 1 The Liar Ball You Don't Want

Fan Fiction

Where Woody Is From

  • Cleveland, Ohio (NLG343)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (KittyFan2004)
  • Eureka, California (U4Again)
  • Boring, Oregon (TMNTfan2612)
  • Drain, Oregon (MrFlamerBoy)
  • Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada (Ze Tossere)
  • Objectpolis (EvanVizuett)
  • Kazan, Russia (TheObjectThing15)
  • Charlotte, North Carolina (AwesomeTails)
  • Niles, Michigan (Jelly Boy!)
  • Canada (Pimimyun)
  • Moscow, Russia (Kolyash25)


  • William Van Bueren (Opinduver)
  • Woody Payne (KittyFan2004)
  • Will Johnson Smith Canterzino (NLG343)
  • Warren Wilson (Original name, WhiteMatilda16)
  • Jake Coodenissi (ImFictionalAdmin)]
  • Walter Elias Disney II (TMNTfan2612)
  • Woodruff Sloane III (Ze Tossere)
  • Wilson Pierson (ZanyWays217)
  • Will Adams (BalloonFanThatBoialt)
  • Jerry Williams (Rosie1991)
  • Will Wood (TheObjectThing15)
  • Walter Clements (CreamsC2AB)
  • Willy carents
  • Woody B. Wilson (Pimimyun)
  • Wooder Wills (Kolyash25)
  • Woodrow Watterson (Weteraneq Animations)
  • Woody Wenat (FireyFireyFireyFireyFirey)
  • William Woods (Supermdztv1)


  • July 2, 2000 (KittyFan2004)
  • April 21, 2005
  • February 7, 2007 (ZanyWays217)
  • July 17, 1988 (TMNTfan2612)
  • January 15, 1993 (Ze Tossere)
  • March 19, 1996
  • November 8, 2024 (EvanVizuett)
  • January 18th, 2000 (TheObjectThing15)
  • January 1, 2010 (jacknjellify)
  • March 30, 1991 (AwesomeTails)
  • April 18th, 1999 (Wen Kai Foo)
  • March 13th, 2009 (Kolyash25)
  • November 22th, 1995




In Infinity Gag, Woody now likes Pin.


Woody and Leafy barely interact, but when they do, they are frequently on good terms with each other. Leafy at first, gave Woody a chance to live his life happily (which did not turn out so well). Though the only time where they are shown to not be in a friendly term with each other is where Leafy chooses Rocky over Woody.

In Sweet Tooth, Leafy made Pen and Eraser pay for her cake but offered help to Woody by letting him have one for free.

In Half a Loaf Is Better Than None, Leafy defends Woody when the Announcer laughs at Woody when he drowns in the bread.

In The Return of the Hang Glider (Part 1), Woody roots for Leafy to win over Firey and Bubble and also slaps those of who do not support Leafy in the finale.

In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Leafy can be seen talking to Woody when Golf Ball is looking for her. She later chooses Woody to be on her team and says that his team name idea is catchy. When Leafy tells Four that they'd like to start competing, Leafy says "Right Woody!" and Woody makes a noise in agreement.

In Lick Your Way to Freedom, Leafy and Woody both yell for Roboty to find him. Woody's loyalty number is 6 on Leafy's chart. Later, Woody has his tongue pulled on by Leafy twice, because Leafy wanted to use his tongue to lick the jawbreakers. The moment that truly made Woody not like Leafy anymore is when she pops Balloony as he's seen frowning when this happens.

In Get to the Top in 500 Steps, Woody, along with the rest of what remained of Beep, backed away from Leafy when Four announced that she had rejoined.

In How Loe Can You Grow?, Leafy witnesses Woody burning to death and is shocked.

In Let's Raid The Warehouse, Leafy asks Woody if he remembers when she said "There's a life out there to enjoy, so enjoy it!". Leafy admits to him that sometimes she isn't in the right mindset to enjoy the things she use to, and says that's natural and OK. She continues, saying that things will get better even if they seem like they aren't right now, Woody happily agrees.

Despite making up with Leafy in BFB 21, in Who Stole Donut's Diary?, during Woody's testimony, he refers to Leafy as "the one who stole everything" and says he was afraid that Leafy would steal him as well.

In The Game Has Changed, Woody detaches Firey's Ferris Wheel from its stand, causing it to roll away while Firey and Leafy are still inside it.

In The Tweested Temple, Woody feels guilty about his Ferris wheel prank on Firey and Leafy after hearing prank ideas from Lollipop that involve no one getting hurt. Later Leafy and Woody were together for most of the tour from Purple Face after everyone else leaves. Later, Leafy interprets Woody's noises and tells Four that he's wondering who the last one still inside the temple is.

In The Hidden Contestant, Leafy doesn't have any kind of reaction when Woody gets eliminated.

Ice Cube

In The Glistening, Woody voted for Ice Cube to be eliminated, along with most of the contestants.

In IDFB 1, Woody is accidentally set on fire due to Bomby's explosion. Ice Cube risks her life by extinguishing Woody, but then Ice Cube dies from the flames. It's unknown if Woody died or not.


Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball and Woody rarely interacted, so their relationship is barely explored.

In Take The Plunge (Part 1), when Woody was kicked by Teardrop, Tennis Ball told Teardrop to calm down. Though in the obstacle course, he shows no sign of concern when Woody is about to collide with Rocky.


Woody is afraid of fire, but either way, they both never interacted throughout the series (they have but barely shows any contact with each other).

In Let's Raid The Warehouse, Firey figures a box is the perfect gift for Woody since he could use it to hide from whatever it is that might be scaring him. Later they worked together to find gifts for Woody and Flower. They both also prematurely celebrate their victory, thinking Woody would love his gift. When Blocky says "The Woody in our heads", Firey takes this literally, asking Blocky if he has a little Woody in his head. When Firey takes Blocky's "Woody in our heads" metaphor literally, Blocky gives him an annoyed look.



Blocky takes advantage of Woody's soft nature and is bullying him for enjoyment, though sometimes he can get serious and kicks Woody for real. He never tolerates Woody and continues to insult him wherever he can.

Woody generally dislikes Blocky, as seen in the beginning, Blocky quickly latches onto Woody but not in a good way. Throughout the series, Blocky is shown to have violently kicked Woody several times and has bullied him most of the time. When Woody receiving more votes than him in the final rejoining ceremony, Blocky angrily kicks Woody in jealousy.

Overall, Blocky and Woody are not friends in which, they both dislike each other.

In How Loe Can You Grow?, Blocky chases Woody and then kicks him into the air. He later was about to get Woody to enter Spongy's spaceship, forgetting that he kicked him earlier. Then Taco tells Blocky that Woody is missing because he kicked him into the air, he admits that he misses him.

In Let's Raid The Warehouse, Blocky tells his team to raise their hands if they want to be receivers. Woody does so nervously, but Blocky ignores him. Blocky allows Flower to be one, since she spoke up, and gets annoyed that no one else is volunteering. Taco then points out to Blocky that Woody has had his hand up the whole time. Blocky shows he was aware and didn't pick Woody because of how meekly he was raising his hand.

On the train ride, Taco determines that Blocky has been in a bad mood because Woody got to have his way. When Taco asks what gift Woody would like, Blocky finds some spiky gloves and says Woody would like one to the face. Blocky shows that he remembers Woody being afraid of the color gray and bubbles, and suggests getting him a box. Likely because Blocky's spent most of the series bullying Woody, he acts noticeably indifferent to Taco complimenting him and Firey for being empathetic to Woody. When they get back home, Blocky hands Woody his gift and prematurely celebrates, thinking he would love it. Just then, Blocky is shocked and angered that Woody hates his cardboard box, telling Woody it was supposed to be the perfect gift for him. For the first time, Woody fights back at Blocky, making noise about the awful gift. Blocky gets angrier, calling Woody a crybaby, since Woody made them lose the challenge, and grabs him, but gets stopped by Bubble before he can do anything. After some convincing, Blocky realized that the gift he gave Woody was insulting to him, alluding that he wants to change his attitude towards Woody.

In Who Stole Donut's Diary?, Blocky notices that Woody is missing after the diary disappears and calls it suspicious. After Taco's elimination Blocky is presumably looking at Woody with his look before they entered the court, and when Lollipop asks Woody what he was doing at the time the diary was stole, he decides to prank them and say he was doing sailing lessons. Blocky is amazed and happy by this, that he uses his first time being understood to prank everyone. They then proceed to high five.

In Fashion For Your Face!, before Woody gets kicked by Flower for saying her fashion line was "OK", he swaps himself with Blocky, and Blocky is kicked into the sky. In the challenge, Blocky tells his teammates to watch out for the boxing gloves. Woody grabs one and uses it to fling himself to the next boxing glove. Blocky calls his idea wicked cool and they start jumping from one boxing glove to the next. At the end of the episode, Blocky tells Woody that his bouncing on boxing gloves strategy was pretty legit, which makes Woody happy.

In The Game Has Changed, Blocky laments to Woody about how bad his podcast idea was. After Blocky was declared to be eliminated, Woody hugs him, upset that he's out. Blocky tells him it'll be okay and to pull some pranks for him while he's gone. Blocky then remembers the past couple pranks Woody has pulled (also showing Blocky holds no negative feelings about Woody switching with him to get kicked by Flower last episode). He realizes Woody would make a good replacement for him and transfers the ownership of Blocky's Funny Doing International to Woody. After the transference, Blocky has Woody do a prank: to buy Flower's fashion line only to destroy it by pushing it off a cliff. As Blocky gets sent to the BRB, Blocky tells Woody to make him proud. At the stinger of the episode, Blocky receives a notification regarding a new video of Woody's Funny Doings International, which the prank involves Woody detaching the Ferris wheel Leafy and Firey were riding on. Blocky praised the video, calling it "pretty legit".

In SOS (Save Our Show), Blocky invites Taco to join in on a prank with him and Woody. While Blocky is explaining the prank, Woody is noticeably uncomfortable, and Blocky stops in confusion. Much later, Blocky attempts to do another prank with Woody but he runs away. Later, Blocky realizes that Woody doesn't enjoy pranks and assures him that he doesn't have to do them to impress him. Woody then calms down Flower in his new program Woody's Fear Destroyer International, and Blocky calls his success in helping Flower amazing.


Woody and Pin are not in good terms with each other except in BFB it's the opposite. At the beginning of the series, Pin shows disgust towards Woody, despite his fear of everything. Woody, on the other hand, has a fear of sharp things, in which that includes Pin and Needle.

In Barriers and Pitfalls, Pin doesn't care about Woody at all and just carry on without him. When he's about to climb her, she shows extreme disgust and shoves Woody out of the way, resulting to his loss.

In Are You Smarter than a Snowball?, Woody is shown to be quite anxious and Pin does nothing but continues to bully Woody, kicking him in the process which results a hole (that Woody unintentionally made). After this episode, they barely interacted.

In Bridge Crossing, Woody was eliminated, which overjoys Pin.

Love Interests


In Take The Plunge (Part 1), Woody is shown to have a sign of affection towards Teardrop, in which Teardrop does not. Despite this, Teardrop violently kicks Woody in annoyance. After this, they both aren't in good terms and does not interact any further.

In Take The Tower, Woody screams when he sees Teardrop running in his direction. She then sabotages Woody by flinging him off the bracelet.

In B.F.B. = Back From Beginning, Teardrop gives Woody a plush offscreen.


In Infinity Gag, Woody is shown to have a sign of affection towards Bubble, in which Bubble does the same.

In Take The Plunge (Part 2), Pin reveals that Woody is afraid of Bubble.

In Let's Raid The Warehouse, which marks their first direct interaction, Bubble defends Woody from Blocky, and tells Woody that she knows the struggle he's going through. Woody is also shocked when Bubble is popped by Flower.


  • "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" - Woody most of the time, when angry or afraid.
  • "Leafeh" - Woody, in the finale, voting for Leafy to win.
  • "I will kill you!!" Woody, when he turns into his Yan Forme.
  • "Wait a minute.. THIS ISNT FORNTNITE!!!!!!!!!" -woody, very calmy, in minecraft universe object crosoverReach for the sky
  • This town aint big enough for the two of us
  • Sombodys poisend the waterhole
  • Who are you calling busted butser
  • Thats right im talkingbto you sid phillips
  • We dont like being blown up sid or smashed or ripped apart
  • Thats right your toys
  • From now on you must take good care of your toys cause if you dont weel find out sid
  • We toys can see everything
  • so play nice


  • Woody had a total of 296 likes and 16 dislikes.
  • Woody is the second closest to join BFDIA, amongst the other original contestants. He had the eighth highest amount of votes (amongst those who didn't have a chance to join BFDIA) overall.
  • Woody is somewhat more popular in the fandom, seeing how everyone didn't really liked him at first.
  • Woody probably has affection for Teardrop as seen in the first episode, when Leafy pulled Woody off the ground and told him to live his life, he suddenly looked at TD with hearts coming out of nowhere.
  • Woody is the lowest ranking contestant in BFDI, despite being the 4th person eliminated overall.
  • Woody has fears of:
    • Bubble (Not in BFB 8)
    • Blocky (now hates)
    • Fire (like Firey)
    • Sharp things (like Pin)
    • Breaking apart
    • Tests
    • The number 5
    • Collisions
    • Falling
    • Being abducted by aliens
    • The color gray. (Now despises)
    • Being eliminated.
    • Nothing. (In BFB 7)
    • Heights (Fomerly in BFB 23)
    • Snakes
    • Being Exploded By Ben TNT
    • Being dragged by Grimrose and Conceal-mint
  • He is easily breakable: Literally by chips falling off of him, and figuratively by his timid personality. This is because he is balsa wood, which is a wood known for being easily breakable.
  • Woody would be in last place because all the other contestants that were eliminated before him (Flower, Spongy, and Blocky) rejoined the game.

OAE's Free Add Comic

  • He is the only BFDI contestant who gets the most speak-time.
  • He was almost infected by Hawaiitis 2 times.
    • There was a clip where he was infected with the virus by Marble when he flew torwards him, this was later cut.
  • He can speak.
  • He is the longest surviving object without getting Hawaiitis.

Object Whatever

  • He was cut in half and killed permanently, and unrecoverable.


Names In Other Languages

  • Odun - Turkish
  • Madera - Spanish
  • Lemnos - Romanian
  • עצי - Hebrew
  • Madeira - Brazillian Portuguese
  • ウッディ - Japanese
  • Деревяшка - Russian
  • Me Pemë - Albanian
  • Ағаш - Kazakh
  • Ọbara - Igbo
  • Thân Gỗ - Vietnamese
  • Legnoso - Italian
  • മരം - Malayalam
  • Silvestris - Latin
  • Вуди - Macedonian
  • వుడీ - Telugu
  • Dřevnatý - Czech
  • Leñoso - Galician
  • Vudi - Uzbek
  • Boisé - French
  • Injam - Maltese
  • Ngumthi - Xhosa
  • ווודי - Yiddish
  • Ξυλώδης - Greek
  • Ligneca - Esperanto
  • Vudijs - Latvian
  • Houtachtig - Dutch
  • Vedartad - Swedish
  • Kayu - Malay
  • ዉዲ - Amharic

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