"Winner sounds like a boy,even if it should bet that girl,that makes it just... WRONG!" - Ragweed
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"Well, yeah, but like, Winner is already infinitely small, being a singularity-" - Black Hole
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Winner is a recommended character in BFB who has a chance to debut TPOT.

Fan Fiction


winner would had a chance to compete in battle of recommended characters and was on the team sky strawberries (not being revealed yet) they however got eliminated in episode 17 and was send to the 3ZONE.


Entbrat Fan 2020

Winner is the most unpopular contestant because almost everyone says that he doesn't have the "awesome spirit" that Loser has because Winner is much more of a coward and doesn't help the others as much. However, Winner is very kind and friendly and just wants to be friends with others. He sometimes gets mad when he is ignored too much and wants people to listen to him. Winner never was a fan of Loser because he doesn't like that he is popular because "he is the nicest guy ever". Some people says that he is poorly-done second Loser and that they disappointed by Winner. He can get lost very easily and always try to demand others to help him. Winner is actually very intelligent and much smarter than Loser. He also loves the company of others. He has a hidden retractable arm that is sometimes used.


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