• Gelatin: So, are you sure this is the place we are supposed to go to?
  • X: Yes i think?
  • Test Tube: It is. We are still in Earth, and I sense what Ruby needs is nearby.
  • Gelatin: But wind counts for as fast as about 60 miles per hour. Are you sure that-
  • Four: Listen, Ruby needs those berries.
  • Test Tube: Yes, and they grow here in our radius right now *opens bay doors* So we should have to- ACK!

(A sudden gust of wind lifts up Test Tube's skirt.) |

  • Ruby: *trying to cover skirt* Oh, Test Tube! This was a BAD place to find them!
  • Test Tube: I thought this was a great place to!
  • Martian Invader: *Hides and makes noise*
  • Cheesy: Did you guys hear that?
  • Gelatin: I don't know..

The Martian Invader appears.

  • Ruby: Great. It appears I have another challenge at hand!
  • Martian Invader: *Screeches at Ruby with mouth opened*
  • Suitcase: Well, we have no choice. Grab your weapons.

They all do so.

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