Windows 10 Logo is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Unlike Windows Logo, Windows 10 Logo’s body is of the more modern Windows Logo, the one used in Windows 10 Operating Systems. This still has the 4 block design, but all of the blocks are blue instead of being red, blue, green and yellow. Windows 10 Logo is armless.


Windows 10 Logo has been known to bother objects because of his laziness. He rarely ever does things for the other objects; he’s not very trustworthy. Windows 10 Logo is also usually tired, meaning he can be grumpy and can insult the other objects just because he is tired. Windows 10 Logo is overall pretty disliked by the other objects because of the aforementioned habits.


  • Windows 10 Logo was originally going to be the excitable type.
    • As part of this design, he was also going to have arms.
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