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" I think I know what's going on, you bought Wibit Logo, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Wibit Logo
Wibit Logo




The logo for Wibit


D.A.R.E. Badge, Blue Hole (sister), Firey, Blue Raspberry, Lizy (crush), many more (except enemies)


Monsanto Logo and his alliance, many more


Lime Green (Body)



Wibit Logo is an OC created by BM44.


Wibit Logo is Blue Hole's crazy brother. He has several friends, as well as many enemies (well, not all of them though). He has an IQ of 66, in which means he always gets a C on most of his tests and homework, which is a reference to US's first highway, Route 66. He has a huge obsession with inflatable obstacle courses. He has a sister named Blue Hole, and has a crush on Lizy.




  • He was born in (and currently lives in) Santa Rosa, New Mexico, just like his sister Blue Hole.
  • He has a crush on Lizy.
  • The object shows that he dislikes are just like Blue Hole's.
  • He has a sister named Blue Hole, and is a LOT smarter than him because her IQ is 1 billion, has a lot more friends and enemies, and not as crazy as him. She was also born (and currently lives in) Santa Rosa, New Mexico.
  • In his initial appearance, he sounded like The Brain from a TV series on PBS, Arthur. But then his voice was changed to his creator's own voice.
  • Wibit Logo thought he hopes to get a girlfriend one day, but eventually Baseball Cap said that he would get a crush his own size, named Lizy.
  • Wibit Logo can mess up his room at times.
  • He has a fear of drowning, which means he has a hidden power called "Frog Grip".


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