White Spoon’s Alliance is an alliance formed by some of ButterBlaziken230’s characters, however White Spoon started it. They are the main rivals to Evil Blaster’s Alliance, as they spend their time stopping their plans.

People In The Alliance


Important Members

  • Brown Spoon: Brown Spoon is very good friends with White Spoon, and was the main reason White Spoon founded the alliance (he gave her the idea to do it).
  • Capey: Capey was the first member to join the alliance, so she became an important member. Capey is a pretty friendly person who has experience with stopping bad people.


  • Comic Pow: Comic Pow is Capey’s sidekick, but he joined once Capey did, so he’s only a regular member. He doesn’t have any powers, but he’s got the spirit.
  • Chocolate Square: Chocolate Square was an ally to Capey most of the time, but once she heard about the alliance, she started getting more involved.
  • Toothbrush: Toothbrush wanted to help out people since the beginning, but never knew about a way where people would pay attention to him. He joined the alliance and is very glad about it.
  • Rotten Pretzel: Rotten Pretzel is good friends with people in the alliance, but never really does anything useful. He sometimes says that he’ll do missions, but he usually can’t live up to his promises.
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