White Spoon is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230, and the final OC created in his Spoon OCs series.


White Spoon, being the final spoon, looks wildly different to the others. Of course, she is a still a spoon with a unique colour, that being white, but she has some other details. Since she has been depicted to be an angel, she has large feathery wings and a glowing halo above her head.


White Spoon is a very nice person who doesn’t often go out of her way to be nice to people, but she stops bad things like fights (usually involving Evil Blaster’s Alliance) and people being sad. When being annoyed by people, she can destroy them with the smartest comebacks, and then sealing the deal with a little smirk their way. If she doesn’t do this, she would have to use her powers.


  • She can fly, obviously, since she has wings.
  • She can go near the sun and not melt.
  • She can shoot sunbeams from her hands.
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