White Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


White Domino is the tenth character in the domino series (however, it’s not ending any time soon), and is a white one. Both of his spots are one. White Domino doesn’t have any arms (even though he was originally going to have them to make a user happy, that was until his gender was changed because of a mistake), and only has legs.


White Domino likes to get himself into things even though he knows nothing about them. An argument started? He’ll find a way to get onto someone’s side; he never does her research, though. Most of the time, he's backing up a complete dimwit by blurting out complete lies. This makes him get laughed at, which can make him very sad. White Spoon has tried to help him out, in which her help gets rejected. White Domino then once said that White Spoon was a bad person because of the help she provided him. White Spoon and her alliance were disbanded for a week or so, but came back together. White Domino is often annoyed by Evil Blaster’s Alliance for being so stupid.


  • White Domino is the first domino to have snake eyes as his number of dots.
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