Firey: We have death.

(Pencil breaks herself)

Cary Huang: We will make a new series.

Firey and Pencil: Yay!

(BFB intro, but it says Battle for Dream Island instead of Battle for B.F.D.I)


(Firey slaps herself)

Woody: 949kmvkvforfv mvkmfkm

Woody: Huh?

Grassy: EEK!

Woody: Traced vector thingy, also known as Cracktastic food, is a number meaning 666 and makes no sense. Trivia: 1. They are almost extint 2. Ditto but they still exist on Island of Sodor

(voting, but there is only Four and X, saying voting will end after BFB comes out))

(You spin me right round plays)

Firey: (spins right and round)

(episode ends)

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