What Firey Would Do For A Sausage is a 3-part fanfiction by FDBackup.


Part 1: Store

(Firey walks in Yoylemart with Bubble being a cashier.)

Bubble: Moi I hoilp you, sir?

(He uses a carrot as a gun.)

Firey: This is a stickup! I will need all the toilet paper you have.

Bubble: Woit?

Part 2: Class

Flower: Today's lesson will be about--

(Firey crashes through the door)

Contestants: (gasp)

Roboty: --. .- ... .--.

Firey: (weird babbling sounds)

(Firey dances then smacks his butt)

Part 3: Police

(Firey stands still, pants, then knocks a piece of cake off of Announcer.)

Announcer: G-R-R-R-R-R...

(Back at Goiky, Four and X sit on grass)

Firey: So... Can I have it now?

Four: Yeah, I think you've earned it.

(Firey eats it)

X: Now, what would you do for this?

(Firey gasps)


  • This was originally a comic by the author of this very fanfiction. If you wanna read it, go to his house.
  • The text on the chalkboard in part 2 says "Life Cycle of a Flower".
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