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This is a joke article, created to make fun of a certain subject. Please know that it is not supposed to be taken seriously.

Weaklingy is a joke OC made by Blue86400.


Weaklingy is a black circle with black arches around him.


He's a little Blue Ball wannabe. He is the weakest character on this wiki! Even Ice Ball, TRAPPIST-1h and Baby Carrot can beat him! (Credit to whoever made those OCs.)

Stop saying your OC can't win to this person, because they already did before they even existed. (And if you do it, I won't get mad for some reason).

After a femtosecond of his creation, he died in -infinity seconds.

If you show a sign of your character being weaker than him, the Weaklingy mentioned/shown is just a useless strong fake counterpart of him no matter if you say that's the true or real Weaklingy himself.


  • If anyone fights him, they will win no matter what, since Weaklingy is always the weakest character on this wiki.
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