Wave, labelled "The Level-Headed Pianist", is a male contestant on the show Inanimate Crisis.


Wave is level-headed, he's serious but always willing to be friendly towards others. He tends to spend most of his time doing something productive, since he's the lead singer and pianist of a band, he's always either working on a song or rehearsing it. In his spare time he tries to be social, since his band isn't that famous he doesn't have to worry about interviews or such. He tries keeping a reasonable amount of friends, not too many, not too little.

This says a lot about the way he plays his game, he has a lot of allies by his side, he doesn't want to blackmail them or take full control over their actions and opinions, he listens to them and debates with everyone whether it's a good idea or not. This means you could describe Wave's game as strategic, especially since he's not very good in some challenges, in-particularly physical ones, this is all to do with his lack of legs. This basically forces him to either get help in challenges from his allies or sacrifice himself when he can. He is able to surf though, which is ironic since he's a wave, plus he's a great piano player and singer. So while he has a lot of strengths to his game, he has one major weakness, but if he can overcome that he's a pretty strong player overall.


There isn't much to note about Wave's appearance. He's a simple blue wave with a bit of foam at the top. He isn't as large as a wave you'd typically see surfers ride on, but that's probably for the better.


  • Wave was originally going to be in Sydney's other show "Battle For Island Infinity" but it was scrapped in favour of Inanimate Crisis.
    • In that show he was a lot different, he was a surfer stereotype who would always try to win over Demi but always failed miserably.
    • He was going to be the first contestant eliminated in a double elimination.
  • Wave is based off of singer 'Rory Williams' who is also a surfer and pianist. He is the lead singer of one of Sydney's favourite bands, 'Sunset Sons'.
  • Sydney plays as Wave in Another Lame Turnout by SilverSquidward888.
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