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Watermelon is a female contestant in BFTPITS. She was taken by En-deadCubeMan190.


Watermelon is considered a voice of reason. She is always there to make sure that anyone does well in any kind of moment. She is really kind and isn't scared of admitting her mistakes. She dislikes criticizing others in a mean way and wants to do it in a calm and gentle way. She loves going into conversations that contains stuff that she has in common to the person she is talking to. She is a little heavy and has a hard time going on some surfaces and to move around sometimes. Her best friend is VHSy. She can easily get tired by a bunch of stuff. She has the ability to spit out watermelon seeds from her mouth and she has an unlimited amount of it. She enjoys having fun and her favorite game is snake and ladder. She likes being surprised and loves stuff that has unpredictability in it. Watermelon also loves drinking vegetable juice (to the dismay of one specific contestant). She became a member of The Anti-Death Alliance in episode 2.



  • Watermelon is the first (and currently only) contestant to die during episode 8`s intro.
    • She might be the second if you count Anchor, who seemingly died during fall damage.
      • Despite this, Anchor is shown to actually be alive in episode 8's intro, when he falls off a hole and reveals that he is alive in episode 17's intro.