Walkie is one of the 3 hosts and is the younger brother of Talkie.


Walkie appears to be a grey walkie talkie with a thick grey antennae on the top and a big button on the side. he also has a green screen with a green light on his chest. The screen projects his face but, unlike Switchy, he is unable to project anything else.


Walkie is a shy guy who is always kind to everyone. He hates putting the contestants in challenges that may hurt or kill them and he always wants others to get along. He has a fear of losing his older brother and always sticks by his side. He likes to talk to his contestants and gets to know them. He also might sometimes join them in challenges.


  • Despite Walkie's name being in front of the object 'walkie talkie', Talkie is actually the older one.
    • They are twins.
  • He gets called Flipphone alot due to him closely resembling a flip phone.
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