Vortex Machine is a male member of Life or Death.


This character is another hard one to explain, so here is a link incase you are still confused.

Vortex machine is a Discovery Kids tornado lab. Basically, he is a glass tube in a pyramid shaped base and with a white lid. The base has a blue stripe around the top of it and has 2 black buttons and a big-ish orange dial. Vortex Machine sometimes pretends that his dial is a bowtie.4


Vortex machine is a nice guy who always is trying to keep the team together. When not stopping the Dagons, he may be seen hanging out with Glow Ring and Grow Capsule.

He rarely gets angry and doesn't like it when people touch his dial. When he gets angry, however,... well... lets just say it wont end well.


  • Him and Hand Held Mirror are currently dating.
  • He likes to go out on karaoke nights.
  • He either hangs out with Rainy (he feels bad for him) or Hand Held.
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