Voodoo Doll Is A Character By Engie49.


Voodoo Doll Has A Button For An Eye,One Perfectly Normal Eye,A Stitched Up Mouth(To Keep The Dark Magic Inside Of Him When He Opens His Mouth), And A Needle In His Head.


Voodoo Doll Just Enjoys Black Magic,Long Walks In The Graveyard,And Making Zombies Rise From The Dead.

Despite His Spooky Personality,He Seems To Have Quite A Few Friends.


"Riiiise From Your Graves!"

"I Do Not Sound Like Stephen Hawking!"

"Stop Stabbing Me!!!"

"Aw Seriously?!"


  • He Was The One Who Brought Skully Back To Life.
  • He Was Once Sealed Away,But He Has Escaped.
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