VHSy is a female contestant in BFTPITS. She was taken by PierceUltra who has also taken Nonexisty.


VHSy is calm, relaxed and also somewhat nostalgic. She loves to read any type of informational books. She also like nature quite a bit and is good friend with Discy. She is also best friend with Watermelon. She is very emotional however and is very likely to cry if she gets hurt physically or emotionally. She also has a hard time saying goodbye to her friends if they get eliminated (or if she gets eliminated). VHSy isn't a strong sleeper and has a hard time sleeping and if she does, it is not for very long. She is also a little curious and likes to discover stuff that she didn't know about before. Her tape inside of her can get loose sometimes. She loves to study space and her favorite planet is Jupiter. She also likes shiny and rare objects and gets excited if she gets one. She is rarely hungry and doesn't like a lot of foods to eat. She doesn't like being loud and prefers to keep her voice down. Because she is a VHS tape, her voice is recorded in low quality.


  • VHSy cries more than all of the other contestants.
  • She is also the only contestant with a voice recorded in low quality.
  • She used to be taken by Maurorodon before quitting.
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