I have ideas for the BDFI limelight episode theme for them.

1.Burning Love: Main: Firey

2.Bubble, Foil, and Trouble: Main: Bubble

3.Blocky's Viewer Mail: Main: It's Blocky Blocky shows the viewers his fan mail.

4.Wonder Woody: Main: Woody Woody dreams that he's a super hero.

5.The Secert life of Spongey: Main: It is obvious? Spongey has a secert.

6.Leafy's Green Thumb: Main: Leafy Leafy tries to help everyone clean up nature but her evil self tries to make leafy misberable.

7.Snowdown, Showdown: Main: Snowball Who will stand up to Snowball after the unknown incident?

8.Your a mean one Flower: Main: Flower Flower has formed her own posse (rose, daisy and lily) but she has to destory robot flower.

9. The Misadventures of David and Dora: Main: duh!

10. Coiny's Fresh Cent: Main: Coiny

And Many More!

  • Some of recommended ones will guest star too
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