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  • I live in Ottawa, Ontario
  • My occupation is I make videos on YouTube
  • I am male
  • MLBert

    Return of Ultimate Objects?

    January 3, 2015 by MLBert

    Hey guys! It's OfficialMatrVincent, and I wanted to get this blog post out to ask you, the fans, some questions.

    As you may know, back in 2012, I did a series called "Ultimate Objects", and I made it to around Episode 4 before excess vandalism of the page caused me to cancel it. I had some plans for it, and of course those were shattered. 

    However, I have been planning a comeback to the object show community since I haven't really given to it much in the past year or two, ever since the cancellation of II Survivor due to the YouTube inbox closing for good.

    I have 2 series planned, and I have posted some previews to those series on my DeviantART page (MatrVincent). However, I have also made plans for a 3rd series, which turns my question to yo…

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  • MLBert

    We've been hacked again!

    January 22, 2012 by MLBert

    Hey guys! We've been hacked again! The douchebag came again for his daily 'Being a Jacka$$" moment and deleted all the data again!

    Protect your pages if you don't want him to do it again! Ask WaliugiFreak789 on YouTube for tips on how to protect pages!

    -MLBert (MatrVincent)

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