It's suddenly, but let's classify objects by their limbs!

Hey, is something missing? =(

What? Can't you find? That's weird....

The one type missing is...

Four Legs

4legs kama&blofla

Why not add one more type, Four Legs? Because it might be gonna spread the variation.


Four Legs (Just like an article)

Four Legs is a type of objects classified by their limbs. They have four legs. It means Arms and Legs' arms are Four Legs' front legs.


Four Legs didn't exist originally. But 9K suggested that type because of his appropriate idea. They looks just like ponies, from My Little Pony.

When they hold something, they use their front legs, so they looks just like ponies, from My Little Pony.


  • Fishy Kamaboko Paste
  • Blowflame Charcoal

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Fishy Kamaboko Paste

Fishy Kamaboko Paste is the four legs character. She's a psychologist and knows some knowledge about psychology. She's also a counselor and has the abilities of solving people's worries.

Blowflame Charcoal

Blowflame Charcoal is also the four legs character. He can blow the flames from his mouth as his abilities.