By Garrmactad2.0

Season 1


  1. Rules may only be made by the host (Garrmactad)
  2. No Cheating or Rigging of any type.
  3. No sockpuppeting


Bfdi is the best - Crystalk

Craziest Dank Gai - CDG

Undhee - GO-JEK Logo

Enzosmile - 8-Ball

Luisbarretto - Firey

NLG343 - Baseball Cap

FoodCrumblesOfficial - 8-Bit Cheeseburger

MassachusettsFan - OKO Tower

Threepeater master (Justin) - Sunflower Seed

RetroPineTree - Pine Tree

Mee6Bot - Mee6Bot ELIMINATED

Episode 0


Garrmactad: So yeah Sign up and send in confessionals! Also Sign-Up as an Object.

*The Contestants Appear*

Garrmactad: So Yeah we have Crystalk, CDG, GO-JEK Logo, 8-Ball, Firey, Baseball Cap, 8-Bit Cheeseburger, OKO Tower, Sunflower Seed, Pine Tree, Mee6Bot, *To Be Added*


Pine Tree: Hey Guy's I Really want to compete there I hope I Make some Friends

8-Ball: Hello I'm 1 Ball and welcome to object fjjdfjsfjsj camp

OKO Tower: I Just found a Pokeball. I'll Check it later to see what it is?

GO-JEK Logo: Hi, I'm for Indonesia and I Love Driving and Motorcycling!


Garrmactad: Whatever, Time for the 1st Challenge, Which is to make a Personality for your Character. That's it, People may still join the Show until the Challenge is over. The reason for the Challenge is that I may write Conversations and such for the Characters, Firey only has to Respond, because he has a Personality. Challenge ends when I feel Like it, also Do It, or face the Consequences!

NLG343/Baseball Cap - Nice

RetroPineTree/Pine Tree - Nice

Undhee/GO-JEK Logo - Motorcyclist

Craziest Dank Gai/CDG - Likes Threatening, Likes Math

MassachusettsFan/OKO Tower - Protects Russia

6 People Didn't do the Challenge


Garrmactad: Wow. Well, Baseball Cap and Pine Tree will be the Team Leaders, BUT the 6 people who didn't to the Challenge are Up for Elimination, so vote off one off these 6.

Garrmactad: See you in Episode 1!

Episode 1


Garrmactad: well you 6 Lost, and It time for the Elimination!


Firey: That was just Annoying.

Garrmactad: just shut up!

Firey: Ok, Jeez...

Garrmactad: Anyways we got 100 Votes, and If your safe you get Pizza

Sunflower Seed: I Hope I'm not Eliminated!!!!

Garrmactad: Regardless, Crystalk got no Votes at 7.

Crystalk: Thats Alot...


Firey: HURRY UP!

Garrmactad: Well 8-Bit Cheeseburger got 9 Votes.

8-Bit Cheeseburger: Yeah!

Garrmactad: So did Firey,

Firey: Thanks....

Garrmactad: and 8-Ball.

8-Ball: Meh.

Garrmactad: So Sunflower Seed, Mee6Bot, One of you is safe with 10 Votes While the Other is Eliminated with 56 Votes.

*Camera Zooms in on Both*

Garrmactad: Sunflower Seed is Safe and Gets A Slice of Pizza.

Sunflower Seed: Yeah!

Garrmactad: and Our Silent Friend is Eliminated.

Mee6Bot: Blarg.

Garrmactad: BAH! *Pushes Mee6Bot onto the Flinger* FLING!


Garrmactad: Now Baseball Cap and Pine Tree, Pick Your Teams! BC Pick First for doing the Challenge First.

Baseball Cap: I Pick, Sunflower Seed, GO-JEK Logo, OKO Tower, Crystalk and 8-Bit Cheeseburger

Garrmactad: ooh, to bad thats 5 People, 8-Bit Cheesburger is not Yours.

Baseball Cap: Aww..

Garrmactad: So that means CDG, 8-Ball, Firey, and 8-Bit Cheeseburger are on Pine Tree's Team.



Garrmactad: So The Challenge is to Make a Team Name, Thats it, So Good luck!

NLG343/Baseball Hat - The Picthing Kings

Craziest Dank Gai/CDG - The Tetris Retro

RetroPineTree/Pine Tree - The Marvelicious Red Strawberries

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