Greetings humans!

Hi everyone! It's me, the original creator of Pencil vs. Batman and I have returned from my two-year hiatus!

Really good people

Thank you all for ... being nice!

Favourite characters in BFDI

  1. Spongy: I was forced to have Spongy as my favourite by everybody else in my life. He is ok.
  2. Pen: Pen, who is my second favourite, is solely due to his relationship with Pencil. On BFDI he cheats just to get further with the challenge, and rarely talks to anyone else but Eraser and Blocky. (There he would most likely be 10th)
  3. Pencil: My third favourite and favourite female contestant, Pencil made herself from BFDI to BFDIA a nice person who wanders off from her alliance sometimes (Remember episode 10 when she found an excuse to choose on their team Snowball just because Pen also voted for him voted Snowball) to an antagonist on BFDIA unintentionally, which is the best thing.
  4. Tennis Ball: He is one of my favourites because he is cool. Also he is helpful because he tells Book about Dream Island.
  5. Match: She is up there because her personality is very relateable (in a good way) and she's nice, especially in the older episodes.
  6. Bubble: Bubble is very interesting and what I like about her is that she can be friends with anybody on the show.
  7. Teardrop: She does not talk but is active in contests. It's actually surprising that she got eliminated.
  8. Needle: In the beginning I didn't like Needle because all she did was slap people who called her Needy. Now she actually says more.
  9. Firey: Firey is like very cool. (Ironically)
  10. Ice Cube: She does not do much except want revenge so she is in the middle.
  11. Pin: Pin is a good leader of the WOAH Bunch, even though she is more like a second to Coiny.
  12. Leafy: I liked BFDI Leafy because she was loved by most of the contestants but now in BFDIA she's hated by nearly everyone and it doesn't help that Firey forgot her.
  13. Rocky: He barfs used to barf. Now he can't and is basically useless.
  14. Eraser: At first I really didn't like Eraser due to his closeness to Blocky et al. but he is actually kind of maybe ok. (He actually got higher due to the fact I needed someone at the K)
  15. Woody: I don't really like Woody. He's just so scared of everything!
  16. Golf Ball: In BFDIA she is very funny (despite her rifts onto the alliance) and is a better leader of the team than Coiny will ever be.
  17. Coiny: Meh.
  18. Blocky: He is a jerk with the personality of a criminal. Also, he kills people for his own enjoyment, which is never good.
  19. Snowball: I feel like Snowball is basically a reincarnation of a former jock in school, but still with the voice of a nonagenarian. Also, he is the most dangerous contestant there ever since Flower's elimination.
  20. Flower: Flower is mean.
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