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This user makes Super Smash Bros movesets for any characters!

My Booksona!

Hello everyone! I'm a Super Smash Bros moveset creator!

These are the characters who i have made movesets for.

Eraser, Liy and Puffball's movesets are currently under construction.

Hope you are having a good day :)

Favorite Pages[]

Favorite Characters[]

Upcoming Object Show Content I'm Interested Too See[]

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  • THREEEE (Third Season Of Excellent Entities) (WebzForevz)
  • Journey Into The Multiverse (Jacob F.)
  • Object Invasion Reboot (FusionAnimations)
  • Nick Of Time (Shattered Waters)
  • Starlight (Brybee)
  • Hidden Away (BaggerHead)
  • The Daily Object Show Movie & Other TDOS Spin-Offs (FusionAnimations)
  • Reboot Of A Reboot (GoldenSponge)
  • Project: Breakout (Daniel Rapitis)
  • Object Explosion Reboot (Spartan Dash)
  • Embark The Vessel (Pancaiks&Butter)
  • Wicked Widgets (Yeartine)
  • Reality Is Breaking Squalidly (Fourth Season Of Calculated Battlegrounds) (Sacri)
  • Cast 139 (KlutzKirby)
  • Tangle To The Top Three (AnimatedGalaxy)
  • My Cool Show (Second Season Of BFBOI) (Leo Friends)
  • The Object Space Land (Notepad)
  • Object Exhilarated (CubenRocks)
  • Keep Fighting Till' The End (MasterVolcanology)
  • Inanimayhem (ThingyToons)
  • Quickly Completed Object Show (GoldenSponge)
  • Clashdown Of The Items (Clashdown Of The Items Official)
  • Code Red (TTGuy10000)
  • Item Universe (DeplorableHayseed)
  • Gameshow Frenzy (PillowPepper)
  • Reincarnation (Artificial Deluxe)
  • Clashing Conflicts (Andy Duthie)
  • Crazy Crusaders (Ender Eye)
  • Daily Routine (AnkiLiveChannel)
  • Retro Curiosities (WavesOfRed)
  • The Waiting Room (HOUS3)
  • Competition Through Time (Alfur)