Signatures History:

  1. July 2013-August 2013: The best fan of bfdi(a)!!! (talk)
  2. August 2013-December 2013: Same BUT with strange characters
  3. December 2013-Current: I'm teh best fan and NOT you! ^^ but if you want to become teh 2nd fan of this, ask me!

I'm the creator ofFighting Of Inanimateds !

My BEST FRIENDS with labels in this Wikia:

The only one girl who I meet here for the first time!

The only one brother of frusmoirter who is here!

The only one to not be in Wikia for a long time!

The only one who his name is differencied everytime I write it!

The only one who continue my old show with a eleventh and last episode who in a tie, The eliminated aren't who I want!

The only one who made currently a object show (BFIS)!

The only one boy in Wikia who, first, I think he's a girl!

The only one to be an assistant in my old show!

The only one who I don't find good label!

The only one french who aren't me in Wikia!

The only one who are rejeted by everyone except me!

The only one who fight with me before become friends!

The only one to be a great fan of Eraser!

(and everyone I forgot <:-D)

(this isn't in liker order!!!)

My favorite fanfictions

  • FOI (link up this)
  • RFVP (note: link go in part 13 of RFVP and I'll updated this if there's a part 14!)
  • Incredible Objects
  • BFLI
  • my others friends ff (except BFDIK)

The BEST games of object shows ever to exist!!!


Videos of Object Shows Birthtree!!!

just here

​Achievements (2,255/100,000 pts (2.255%)) (12/26 achievements earned (46.2%)) (last update: 1/11th/2014)

  • to eat potatoes (5 pts)
  • to be classed #1 in this wikia (2000 pts)
  • to have 1000 edits (150 pts)
  • to have 2000 edits (500 pts)
  • to make a 30th episode of BFST (200 pts)
  • to be an admin (3000 pts)
  • to see the 12th part of RFVP (180 pts)
  • to sleep (5 pts)
  • to don't like BFDIK (10 pts)
  • to earn a A+ in english test (50 pts)
  • to earn 5000 pts in achievements (1000 pts)
  • to make a second fanfict (785 pts)
  • to make a second season of BFST (800 pts)
  • to make a camp (450 pts)
  • to love Bubble (600 pts)
  • to do something (5 pts)
  • to earn 10000 pts in achievements (2500 pts)
  • to have 5000 edits (1250 pts)
  • to be a boy (0 pt)
  • to have 9999 edits (1995 pts)
  • to have 10000 edits (2000 pts)
  • to play at BFDIA 5B game (15 pts)
  • to have 12345 edits (5000 pts)
  • to earn 15000 pts in achievements (5500 pts)
  • to earn 20000 pts in achievements (12000 pts)
  • to earn 40000 pts in achievements (to have every achievements except this one) (60000 pts)


  • Less than 25% done
  • Between 25% and 75% done
  • More than 75% done
  • 100% DONE
  • I need your help to done! (when it's done or not)
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