aka A Pathetic Faliure

  • I live in Your Soul
  • My occupation is Crashing Planes
  • I am A Whovian (expose me)

Oh!, User, you caught me at the right time, let me introduce you to myself, I am WheeliumThe2nd as you know, and for clarification, my name's not William.

you should know that by now

i am a whovian

my fave is 5;
Peter Howell theme in E minor (HD)

Peter Howell theme in E minor (HD)


Names of BFDI contestants

  • Leafy - Greykelloomkolofroli
  • Pin - Dyaviaobiyithbalta
  • Ice Cube - Izzy Khenowla
  • Pencil - Phelisha Greene
  • Match - Maria Schindler
  • Snowball - Sigmund Nelson
  • Pen - Patrick Fulham
  • Coiny - Cory Baxterley
  • Firey - Frederick Brown
  • Tennis Ball - Terry Matias
  • Eraser - Jon Kensington
  • Blocky - Peter Lewisham
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"Already, Really?!" - Firey

WheeliumThe2nd might be cancelled due to a lack of updates, and it shall be classed as cancelled until further notice

New Fries Pose

"WheeliumThe2nd is a symbol of a very painful moment for all of us!" - Fries

WheeliumThe2nd may be offensive to you. Please take extra caution while reading, Thank you.



"GRR" - Firey and Coiny Simultaneously
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Blocky U

"Did you just say that?" - Blocky

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"STOP!" ― Stop Sign
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