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'"Heheheey,d,do you think you can just disable Vv cephei a instead of obliterating them?-Fries"
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Wat's up User, hi, i'm Vv cephei a, i om a ghast who is happy and gud, ze other ghasts are nubs, they are evil because they're very sad, but dun't wurry, i'm not a ghast like the others, I am a nice one, so hi m8. PS: I don't have bad grammar, I am talking in MLG

Link to my YouTube channel:


Countdown until my birthday:

October 25 2018 00:00:00

My icons

1st Icon: Earth

2nd Icon: Ice Cream Sleeping on a Beach

3rd Icon: Earth again

4th Icon: Masky

5th Icon: Illuminati

6th Icon: Magenta from The Color Challenge! Camp

7th Icon: Illuminati inside the part where Woody's chip is missing

8th Icon: Vv cephei a (The star) with a green Illuminati, a red Illuminati, a yellow Illuminati and a purple Illuminati

9th Icon: The face of an happy ghast from Minecraft

My Signatures

1st Signature: User:Vv cephei a (talk)

2nd Signature: BFDI Fan Ficiton Wiki is the best Wiki ever! (talk)

3rd Signature: Illuminati is the best (talk)

4th Signature: I am a star with fur Illuminatis arund me ;) (talk)

5th Signtaure: Hey m8 wanna go to the Nether? I already killed all evil Ghasts for ya. ;) (talk)

My rights

1st Right: Chat Moderator (Accidentally promoted)

My favorite pages

  • How to trickshot vandals
  • MLG!!!!

Characters's pictures

What's 9+10?

Object shows that I like

  • Battle for dream island (again)
  • Inanimate Insanity (2)
  • Object Universe/Twoniverse
  • Object Mayhem
  • Challenge to win
  • The Color Challenge
  • Shape Battle (On the videos)
  • Object Madness
  • Brawl of the objects
  • Object Overload
  • Battle for isle sleep
  • The Object Show Movie
  • Battle for Trillon Dollars (Formerly)
  • Object Insanity
  • Object Destroyer

Objects shows that I HATE!!!

  • Object Illusion
  • Brawl of the objects (Formerly)
  • Object Overload (Formerly)
  • The Color Challenge (Formerly)
  • Battle for Trillon Dollars
  • Shape Battle (On the comment section)

Vv cephei a








25 October

How I like this wiki percentage



NLG343, Infinityblade2005, TheOtherGuest2, Petr.kasuba.12, Mapmaker024, Undhee, Peeradon (Also friend on BFDI Wiki), Geometry Dash OreoMaster, Squash28, Young Little Unicorn (best friend), NothingDangerous, Bribing, Thuyenthegreat, ObjectDestroyer101, Jack7522, Object shows 200, Bfdifan444, BFTP14, JoeCling, Hollytang, Undhee, Zingan (On YouTube), PvZ-Mapping-PolandballFan, WillyBilly2006, DeceptionGaming, Bfdi is the best, Phuocphuc46


PikminComet, Bumblebee the transformer, Plantsvszombiesfanatic (I like him but he acts like an evil smart person and he's sometimes mean)


Vandalism is fun, Pau Soler, FirebreakTemmie and his sockpuppets (The DeceptionGaming with no "64" is actually his cousin), Zingan (Formerly, in this wiki and on YouTube)

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