Hello! I'm Guylan. On YouTube and other various social medias, I'm known as Ni Hao Guylan. It's a pun on a Nick Jr, show, Super classy, I know. I made a camp called Battle for Space Palace. Pretty well known. I don't like it, though. I think it's terrible and cringy. So I'm remaking it. Also making an Inanimate Insanity camp called Double Trouble Insanity.

I made this wiki, so now you can take all your false BFDI, II, etc. info and put it here, because it's considered fan content and doesn't belong on the BFDI, II, etc. wiki.

My Projects

  • BFSP Remake Crowd.png
    Battle for Space Palace - A camp based on Battle for Dream Island that ran from August 28, 2011 to August 28, 2013, with the finale still pending (Projected Release date: September 2017). Better looking than most camps, but still poor in quality. A remake with a more fleshed out story line and less exposition started in 2016. Episodes 2 through 6 are planned to be released in 2017. Episodes after that will be released on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Double Trouble Insanity - An upcoming camp based on Inanimate Insanity. Will follow a very different formula compared to most camps. Each episode will be split into 4 segments, with a fifth video combining the segments into one video to be released afterwards. 144 segments, 36 episodes, 180 videos total. Starting in 2018, will be weekly if feasible.
  • BFDI: Remastered: A video series in which I go through the FLA files, point out the animation errors, correct them, and reformat the series in 4K, showing the remastered episode at the end. To be released sporadically, when I have free time.
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