aka bruh

  • I live in a place you foreigners pronounce weirdly
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is doing things
  • I am e
BFP (BFB Version)

Battle For Pain intro - BFB version! (I added some new characters)

I'm just some random person who makes object show-related stuff. So forget about the terrible MWG page I made before. 


ButterBlaziken230: He's a nice guy who used to hate me because of the Mental Wealth Girl page, but we got along.


Nobody yet.


Parallelogram124: Does literally nothing for me by criticising my pages, and always ends his comments with "momento", which is very annoying. 

Halee2009: Takes other people's OCs without permission for her own work, badge farms (something I used to do) and is just annoying.

Overall, I'm not really a popular user on this wiki. 

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