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Hi, Anon. This is my user page. Please edit my page to tell the community about myself. Wait waht no. I get to do that not u :P

puttin this small but important piece of information here:


My favorite pages

before bfdi, mostly.

My favorite wikis

  • The ones up there


  • Fish (suggested avatar)
  • Panty anarchy (Panty and Stocking)
  • Lightbulb (puppy face from II 2 episode 10)
  • Deviantart pen

Favorite characters

These are my favorite BFDI characters only. I'll reveal my favorite II characters at a different time or liek whenever I feel like it i guess

  • Pen is my ultimate personal favorite. I mean, I know it's pretty obvious but don't worry i'm not gonna kill u if u hate him or go craycray talking about him all teh time like those anime otakus. What do u call them? Oh yaeh, "weebs". i mean i kno how annoying that is lol. hey u kno wat i think is inside Pen's cap? Ink. Blood. That he can use as a weapon. Like he can control it and suffocate people and consume other people's blood and turn it into a sharp dangerous solid at will. So when he opens his cap he transforms into a giant blood monster Ok I've said enough. Next, is the Pen island joke. (Thus my username was born) I found it extremely funny, but i didn't get the joke at first. When I got it i was like "ooooohhhhh" and it kind of sparked a little attention to him. And then the six-legged race came, (i'll talk more about that later) and it sparked a little more. Then fanfics, fan arts, etc. happened, and then it sparked so much it became a giant bonfire. He couldn't have been my favourite if it weren't for you guys, the fans, that gives positive feedback by using art and literature (credit to this fanfiction wikia right here) that made this community so much better. And also encouraging and inspiring others to build a safe and happy place for everyone in this community. I just wanna say thank you. That kind of sounded familiar to a quote in the thanks for 4 years video, eh? Sorry, sorry i'll stop lol
  • Match is my second favorite. She's cool, but tbh when she's mean, i like it and find it funny. And i kind of have this fantasy dream imagination land of her being an epic demon warrior. I even sometimes think that when she smokes, it can trigger her epic warrior mode and ignite her "hair" so when it's ignited she automatically has these awesome fire powers ikindofshipmatchandpentogetheridontknowwhypleasedonthurtme
    250px-Pencil 12.png
  • Pencil. Is. So. Cool. She's funny, she doesn't normally stick with her alliance, (that's what i like about her) and you know, same reasons as match. I like the diversity between match and pencil. Like, they have distinctly different personalities and just seeing them clash together as "best friends" is wonderful. Especially when pencil is the one who distinguishes herself. She seems pretty open about it, and can be seriously relatable at times. I don't know why. But i'll sure tell you what i do know. She just might have a chance with pen. *winkwink*
  • Golf ball is best bossy bot. At first, I didn't really like her because of casually cliché reasons like "oh, she's so bossy" and "she's a meanie" but then i began to see the potential in her. Ever since bfdia 5a, that one comment about her being funny was actually true. (Props to you, my good man a.k.a whoever commented) i never actually loled at her best moments, but she still had,

    best headmistress ever.

    y'know, her best moments. They were genuinely funny, i felt satisfied and smiled a bit whenever i saw her on screen, but then i read fanfics and then the "thanks for 4 years" video came upon my life and my perspective on her changed completely. But she'll always be my temporarily good favorite. So she holds 4th place, which isn't all that bad.
  • kkk so i've been thinking and looked back at some bfdi episodes and noticed eraser for once. Eraser seems pretty cool, and i guess he's had a small part in making Pen my favorite. Like that one time when he told Pen to jump over the cliff and he did and started this whole chain of contestants saving eachother which in my opinion was awesome. Or the other time when they were doing the six-
    Eraser Icon.png
    legged race and Eraser was dragging Pen along the ground, not giving him a chance to get up, and I thought that was absolutely hilarious. I have this problem of laughing at other people's misery but i still have friends u know. And especially that time when Eraser was listening to Pen say "i'm gonna call it Pen island, no spaces, all caps!" Okay fine, that one was on Pen. But Eraser just shrugged it off like it was no big deal. It seemed like he was used to Pen making adult jokes. Okay ill stop Like he would be the best best friend ever (lol) and if i told my friends that, they would say that i'm crazy or something like that. He even has his own funny moments like when he stepped on a bunch of nails and then fell on many more nails. Omg then why the hail is he 5th on dis list i have no idea moving on
    201px-Leafy Idle.png
  • I LOVED her. She was literally my spirit animal object. The first time I had watched bfdi, she was like my first favorite character In the show. She was so nice, but hilarious at thesame time. When I watched the season 1 finale, i started shipping her with firey. She is the one, the only, Leafy. Back then, everyone loved leafy. The fan arts, the fanfics, the comments... Everything. She was the star of the show, well actually maybe firey, becuase he won dream island, but besides that, people were just giving her all the attention because she was that one, nice, cliché character who's had a bad experience at one point in the show which changed her life and made everyone feel so sorry for her. Then after, other "object shows" took charge and she sort of drifted away just like the show itself. Inanimate insanity has been getting new, original ideas, and someone even thought of making a movie and all that stuff. I liked it, but I was still kind of concerned about bfdi. I know micheal is active in twitter, cary is active on youtube, but they never mention or make something related to bfdi. But, I can't worry about that, we're getting off topic. The truth is, although Pen is my favourite now, leafy will always hold a special place in my heart. She's actually the only character to have an emotional impact on me. I will never forget her. I hope. Actually, i hope i never forget about this whole community!

Other stuff

Geometry Dash

Just so you know, i also play geometry dash, but i reeaally wish i had the full version. I have been watching other people on youtube play geometry dash, and my favourite ones are dashiegames'. Check out his channel if you want. I also found some awesome songs from the game! They're not ranked from first favourite or something like that. They're just songs that are randomly listed. I like Never be alone the best cuz it has a singer

Never be alone

Wildfire(k fine that isn't really a level but i love it too much ok)

Xenogenises not really sure how that's spelled but whatever

Golden Haze


Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything 2


You know what, I'm just gonna say this once. I LOVE SANS. AND HIS THEME. AND THE WHOLE GAME. I mean seriously, if you play it, it's gonna hit you right in the feels. Trust me. Unfortunately, I never actually played it, I just watched a playthrough. And I have a FEELing that I'm gonna deeply regret that when I actually get to play the whole game myself. Which is probably never gonna happen. Even if I do end up playing the game, I'll probably never witness the feels like the first time I did. And by that I mean the playthrough I watched. I'm not gonna tell you which one, but I guess I should tell you to watch anyone's playthrough. I would recommend the ones with commentary, in my opinion, those ones are the best. Because no matter what playthrough it is, you'll feel the feels that feel you with feelings. Or fill you with feelings or whatever. Unless the playthrough is meant for the Genocide run. You will find out what I'm talking about sooner or later.When I watched it, I actually felt like I was playing too. Inside the game. Yep, that's how deep it is. Also, I think I just spoiled a character up there. In the second sentence. Oh well. But you'll love him. Maybe. I don't really know, it's UP to you. (Lel I'm so good rite and yes that was a character personality reference heheh) Do you wish to check it out, or not? Well, if you want to play the game, it's about $11.00. Hey, I'm not the troll here. Okay, maybe I am. I've been giving you a bunch of spoilers, especially on a certain character so yeah. I'll stop.

Paris incident

... You know what? I'm too lazy right now, you can find my full opinion in my other profile. Read the one with the really long paragraph. Or don't. Bye.


Okay so far I made a bunch of pointless edits like three weeks ago lol. I've been editing less than I usually do (I normally did it as much as Unicornicopia170/Young Little Unicorn but then I got bored really quickly I mean I'm not saying that I'm getting bored of this wiki i swer) becuz I've been contributing to the Pencil2.O wikia/wiki, and the Undertale fandom is ruining my life. First it was BFDI, and now Undertale. Don't be concerned, I still love the object fandom with all my heart. It's just that Undertale is getting in the way of all dat. I know, I'm not supposed to be even mentioning anything that isn't really relevant to this wiki's purpose. At least Pencil2.O is relevant, right? Before BFDI was a really good fanfic, and I got even more curious when I found out about Pencil2.O and how it got deleted and all boohoo. Also, I have been getting a TON of homework and projects and I can't handle it right now. Halp. Basically I'm just telling how's life for me heh. Right now, it's... Not so bad, but not good, either. K you probs don't care. Peace. And yas I'll still contribute here.

500 edits

So, yes, as you can see, I have made it to/past my 500 edit mark. Like, you're probably reading this in the far future where this wiki is gonna be a land of dystopia. Just kidding. I would never dream of it. But, just, not that far into the future. Let's just get to the point here. I have made 500 edits. Okay now i feel like some self-centered conceited annoying person. Or whatevs. Now, i am very proud of myself that i made it this far. No i'm not. Actually, forget 500, how about 1000? 10 000? 100 000? 1 000 000? Don't worry, I won't get too full of myself. Promise. Oh wait, I forgot to mark the day I got this much edits. Umm well it's 6:11 pm right now as i am typing this- okay now it's 6:12. And it's Thursday, Dec. 10th, 2015. Now it's 6:13. Sorry sorry bye.

Okay, just realized that when I made this whole speech thingy, it increased my edit count by 1. So then it had 501, not 500 exactly! Oh no! The humanity! Now this was allllllll pointless! Excuse me while I go cry in the corner for not realizing my mistake earlier.


Alright guys, new year ahead of us, which means new memories, new hopes and dreams, and it's time to move on from our past mistakes and sins hardships. Whatever you suffer, try to make your problems GTHO, if you know what that stands for. We don't know what lies down this path, but let's try to make it count! Ugh, you're probably reading this in, like, 2017+ or something, cuz that kinda ruins my little speech here. Nah, just kidding, all my speeches are the same when it comes to new years. So whenever a new new year comes, just think of me, at least. I mean, you wouldn't wanna come all the way here just to read this, right? Well. That's up to you. Also, more importantly, think of your family, your friends, and all your loved ones. Because you prioritize them the most. You want them to be as happy as they can. Yeah, live a little! I got that from undertale Anyways, I believe in you, whoever you are. I know you can accomplish at least one of your goals this year. Mmmaybe. I mean, like, I don't actually have any goals, but i'm pretty sure we're all bound to make one. Good luck. And to end that off, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Omg today would've been the perfect time to finish my bfdi junior episode i mean I can't believe it's been like 4-5 months and I still haven't finished the episode and it's about new year i'm such a lazy buttttt

Oh hey gud news I actually managed to finish teh bfdi Junior episode today which is a great achievement wow i feel so gr8 m8 I r8 8/8 wht about u huh jk so thet means im not a lazy butts anymore yeeeeeeee

  • Hello this is 2017 me and oh my god was i cringey anyways look at how much I matured.


I just realised i'm not as active anymore. Actually no, I noticed that a long time ago. I just didn't know it yet. So, alot of stuff has been happening, and I just feel this aching despair in my stomach... Every time I procrastinate. Yep, i'm a procrastinator. So, for this year I applied for french extended and didn't worry about it too much, and everything was going fine because I didn't have any individual projects. I liked group projects because I wasn't alone. At least it felt like it. As I went further into the year, I started thinking that applying for the french extended program was a big mistake because it felt like everything was starting to get more complicated. And it did. Or did it? I got my report card a few days ago and got all Gs (I was hoping to get at least one E), As and Bs. And one. Single. C. I felt worried when I saw it for myself because I haven't gotten a C in two years. I thought I was far from getting a C by then. Thankfully, the C was for the Art subject. As much as I loved drawing, I couldn't care less about art. But I couldn't blame myself for that grade because in french extended, everything is like five times harder. Ok, so, like, right now. I have 2 individual projects due on Tuesday. And one them I have to MEMORIZE. In FRENCH. The other one is an english essay which is easy peasy, but I didn't complete it yet. Because i'm a procastinator. And also, I have another individual project, and it's a research report, so thank goodness I have every right to check the internet. Since it's P.A. Day for today and Monday, I have 4 whole days to myself. (That PA day thing probably gave a hint at my age lol) Which is why I absolutely hate being a procrastinator. It feels like I have all the time in the world, but to no avail. I make no use of it. I barely work on my projects because i'm lazy. (No offense to Sans from Undertale gosh darn it why do I keep mentioning that game I mean its fanbase is already cancer tbh) It makes me want to wish weekends didn't exist. I generally believe you can't escape from procrastination. No matter how hard you try, or how guilty you feel, you just love doing nothing. Wait wat was my point again. Oh yeah, my life. Why do I type about this sort of trash, you ask? Cuz it feels satisfying. To me. For some reason. I'm weird, but a relatable kind of weird. I think. Omg I feel like i'm never gonna stop typing this paragraph i'm sorry. So yeah I feel like crap today. I've made a decision. Or condition. Or regulation. I will now write really huge paragraphs like this once a month. It's my essential value. I NEED to do this stuff. Mostly to take things off of my chest and feel relaxed. It's 11:17 PM on a Friday, and it's February 12th, 2016. I probably said that out of order but I don't give two craps. Not even one.

Update and Activity

OMG IM ABOUT TO LOSE IT I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE TO TYPE THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH AGAIN BECAUSE MY SOURCE EDITOR WASNT WORKING BECAUSE I WAS DONE SO ALL I HAD TO DO WAS PUT THE TIME AND DATE BY PUTTING TILDES AND STUFF AND SINCE IT HAD AN ERROR IT RELOADED MY PAGE AND DELETED EVERYTHINGGGGGGFFSSDMSMSMFJDJJSJIAIWIWIIWEJJRHHFNVJS. OkY so firs off I know about micheal and cary's dilemma and how they got their adsense suspended so that prevents them from getting money from their videos. Oh yeah and school's quite stressful but the good news is that I got an A in french for the essay I had to memorize but then it turned out that I just had to use cue cards but i looked at them for almost the whole time but then I luckily got a good mark which is great. Also, I might not be active at all anymore. Fret not, i'm still in the OSC, making updates and watching new episodes. I suck at making camps and I don't think i'll be continuing bfdi junior because i'm not as enthusiastic as Yterbium. I just can't fit in anymore. I'll be invisible and forgotten until I feel like it, or when something juicy happens up in here like bfdia 6. Yeah, that nonexistent episode. Tragic. Aaaaaaand I just realized i'm wasting my time because I have better things to do like work on my history project. Yep, I have yet another project. Sucks, doesn't it? K bye. I ain't using source editor. It's 5:09 PM and it's Monday, March the 7th, 2016. Bye. Gosh. Still upset about all my time and effort being wasted. K ill stop talking.


I was gonna make my "Paragraph of the Month" on april first, making the paragraph just a bunch of random letters, 'cause y'know, april fools! But I got too lazy. So, I still don't know what to talk about, other than school, the modified background, and... Stuff. Well, I dunno, I think i'm okay with any background, really. I was sorta thinking we could replace this light blue void with some bfdi wallpaper, but I didn't care too much. As for school, well you should know what's been happening by now. Projects. We get like, 5 of them every month! I'd much rather do tests than projects tbh. I can't wait for summer. Just a couple more months. And yeah, I found out that Micheal and Cary got their adsense back, which means that they can get paid on their channel again, and most importantly, have motivation to animate for the show. Inanimate insanity made a kickstarter for theirs, albeit, I can't donate because my parents don't have much money left and are really worried about their financial endeavors. They gotta stay cheap for now. Plus, even if we had at least an average amount of money, I still can't donate because, well, I don't even own a credit card. All my parents care about is money and clothes. Not entirely money. There's also religion. You may think these are excuses... Which they are. But they are understandable excuses. Nothing else to talk about. Except for the fact that i've decided to reread before bfdi, since it's so good. I feel so bored today, sorry if this paragraph didn't satisfy you. It's Friday, April 15th, my friend's birthday, 12:16 PM 2016, because I don't have school today. Bye, and have a nice day. Or week. Or year. Or life. Sorry for my seemingly different "spirit" compared to my enlightening, uplifting one. I wouldn't call it that, though. I've been speculating for a while about if I have a personality disorder or not. Im kidding bye.


oh yeah I forgot to make a paragraph for may well just because my profile pic changed and i keep mentioning undertale, i aint switching fandoms. ever. So like yeah im too busy participating in roleplay forums cuz theyre like real fun and yeah im glad its almost summer but i really need to step my game up before the end of the year and i just started watchig assassination classroom im on like the 12th episode i think and bye its uh june fifth and like really late like 36 minutes till midnight yeah sorry about that a nd i probably wont make a paragraph for this month hue


Well, I survived a total of 9 months of school. Too bad after two months, I'm gonna have to go back and endure yet another, more advanced grade. At least my average is an 81 overall. I barely got out of the result of a B. If I'm gonna go to a quality school, I'm gonna have to get some quality grades. Also, a lot of people nominated me for the best comedian in class? I don't know how to feel about that. I was quite flattered, actually. Oh and tomorrow's our last day of school, and we're having a party. Guess what, I'm bringing jumbo freezies! Everyone's gonna enjoy the scrumptious, refreshing taste of frozen juice in a tube. At least I think it's frozen juice in a tube. I'm also bringing my Ipad. I'm bringing the same Ipad that I'm typing this on. There's no way I'm exposing my account to my friends, nuh-uh. But I've got a lot of games and apps that they can use, stalling them away from the internet. I'm gonna delete my history if they ever want to come into safari or chrome. My social media life is personal. It's where I really get to be myself. I feel like I've said that before. Anyways, I'm kinda bummed about the fact that I still got a C in art, but screw art. It's uuuuh, Tuesday? 10:17 PM, june 28th 2016. Sorry I'm getting restless. My brain changed my sleep regulation somehow.

I need to think of better titles

This is the most boring summer ever. My mom's boss reserved a cottage somewhere (all I know is that it's near the beaches) for us to stay in. My mom prepared other places for us to travel, but she's saving those plans for later in the summer, like, in August. My problem is, for these past few weeks, we've been doing nothing. Especially me. My brother's on a swim team, (the Scarborough swim team to be exact) so he practices everyday in the PanAm center. (Lucky) My mom's doing work, while me and my dad work in the backyard, gardening. My dad got fired from all his jobs because of his laziness, and, yeah, I think I inherited his gene of laziness, which sucks. At least he's marketing, which actually earns him money. I haven't been really doing anything for our "monetary benefit". Well, I'm kind of young for that, but I still feel guilty. All I do is play video games and hang out on social media, other than water the grass in the back. I'm so lazy I can't even walk the dog! I partially blame the dog because whenever I take her outside, she just sits there, and when she actually moves, it takes her forever to find a spot to piss. Like, there's grass everywhere! And that's not all. Uh, I'd like to continue complaining about my dog and stating every insubordinate thing she does, but I still love her, so, I don't want to shame myself by insulting all of her "flaws" completely. So, about this wiki, I've become consumed by these forums? Not really, though. I was on a forum-editing spree for like, 2 days and then gave up. The true master is WillyBilly indeed. I swear he's on this wiki 24/7. I'm kidding Willy, don't get mad at me and sabotage my talk page using the power of spam. Or something. And don't roast me, bro. And also, I'm now Phuoc's friend? (I'm aware that he ranked me neutral on the bfdi wiki, but then he said something along the lines of "friend") This is like, such a rare achievement. Because he doesn't really have frien- Okay tbh i wasn't directly trying to be his friend but still. I was sort of flirting with him in one of the forums to see what would happen and what he would say i swear i was JOKINGLY EXPERIMENTING his responses no homo Alright, I need to stop mentioning other users here, like, literally anyone can see this. Oh, and I've suddenly realized that... The majority of my profile is just me talking about my life and opinions, like, a diary journal. So yeah, this is now officially my journal. Because I have absolutely nothing better to talk about my life on. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm not gonna put personal/offensive stuff here. Just because it's a journal, doesn't mean it's not a public journal. I'm gonna be cautious for what I'm gonna say here. It's still my profile. Where I put my own biography. And I don't care if other people choose to read it or not. I love writing, er... Typing. I'm totally open. Uh, not entirely, since I'm excluding some stuff from this so-called public journal. Anyways, I'm excited for where we're going to travel. And the new Steven bomb coming july 18. Yeah, I watch Steven universe. I looooove Peridot. Oh god, what a paragraph. It's 7:49 PM on Tuesday, July 12, 2016. See? I even record the date! How did I not notice this!?

Summer's over?

Welp, it's been a looooong, boring summer, I'll tell you that. But guess what, at least we got to go to that vacation where we had to stay at my mom's boss's cottage. Those four days were kind of a disappointment. My parents were fighting for most of the time they even talked to eachother, and the cottage was so dusty that my asthma started reacting! I was sneezing up a storm, and my stuffy nose made sleeping nearly impossible. The humidity in the cottage made it worse. Luckily, after I took a shower, my conditions became better. My brother was bothering me, but it's always like that, but worst of all? There wasn't any wifi! Good thing I brought my wiiu as a substitute. I should look at the bright side for once, at least we went to the beach, where my parents sort of had an intimate moment, cuddling eachother and stuff, and even I had fun. Except those moments don't last forever. My parents are still arguing until this day, and our household turned into a verbal war. Including the beach, we went to many tourist attractions. We went hiking, zip-lining, to a mall, on a boat, etc. It wasn't the best trip out of all the ones I've been too, but at least our family enjoyed time alone together. Once we got back, I was pretty nervous, because I was starting my swimming lessons like, two days after. My brother wanted to sign me up for Bronze Star so he could prepare me when I become a lifeguard. I don't really want to be a lifeguard, but I'm just taking precautions here if I can't find a job by the time I'm 16, so I don't really have a choice. Plus, my family keeps telling me I have to work on my fitness. My swimming lessons were hard, tiring, training which I wasn't a big fan of. I had to do this for two weeks in a row, excluding the weekends. Heck, one small dude had to quit his 70 dollar swimming lessons on the first day because he couldn't pull through. I was quite ashamed of myself because I was the only one who couldn't hold a 10 pound brick while treading for a single minute. Nonetheless, I was the fastest swimmer out af all my swim-mates. My swim time was impeccable...but not for long. As the days went by, I noticed I was gradually becoming slower, and people even passed me. I guess it was just puberty acting up again. But I don't really know. My swim time got worse, but I was still able finish before the time limit. Then the last day came, and, well, I technically failed? I wasn't so surprised, I wasn't in the state of mind to vividly try to pass all the requirements. Because I didn't have to. I'm not gonna lie, of course I put in effort, but I didn't need to meet ALL the requirements to be capable of going to Bronze Medallion. I wasn't satisfied with one thing, though. The brick. Just thinking about it irritated me. At least I got less fatter? I dunno, I never check my weight. It's Thursday, September 1, 9:22 PM, 2016. Ugh. School is nigh. I haven't bought my supplies yet. RIP.




2016 sucked

I guess we can all agree that 2016 was terrible. Well, in my opinion at least. Like, not all of us has to agree. Surely, some people out there enjoyed what this year had in store. Like Pewdiepie. He said 2016 yielded great experiences and opportunities for his youtube channel, or something. I assume he had a lot of fun, unlike me. In early 2016, I was quite happy because school was almost over and my grades were decent. Summer was when it all started going downhill. I thought the escape from the torment of school was the beginning of an open gate of possibilities leading right down to heaven. It wasn't the worst summer, I think, but it certainly wasn't the best either. It turned out to be boring. I spent the first, like, two weeks doing nothing but getting fatter. So, I decided to force myself to do at least 35 pushups everyday so I won't get fat. I hated doing that. I don't even remember what I would do in my spare time. The trip to Tobermory (you know, that trip when there wasn't any wifi) was a failure of family bondage. (I'm feeling like an angsty teen rn) Well, I can't be too hard on that. I guess I could say it wasn't complete failure. My mom made a valiant effort of giving our family an opportunity for a peaceful and blissful summer vacation to distract us from work and stress. And from going at each other's necks. I commend her for that. She said that was the point of the vacation. Sort of successful. Then, Bronze Star. Yeah, I'm still kind of bummed and disappointed in myself for technically failing. Like, I'm still thinking about that 10 pound brick. I'm just not used to it. I never fail in swimming lessons. Anymore, at least. I was on a roll for being the best student in my swimming lessons since Ultra 6. It gave me more confidence. And cockiness. My arrogance was the eventual result of my downfall. Anyways, going back into school, as in, starting grade 8, was really nervewracking for me. Summer wasn't that great, but school was obviously always worse. Having to go back to french extended on a more advanced level made me super nervous, especially when thinking about how much work we had to do last year. I'm glad I survived and learned a lot more than I expected, but still. I didn't want to go through that again. I was hoping to go to a more lenient class this year. Hoping didn't work for me. Out of all the classes I was assigned to, it was the one class that I pleading (in my mind) not to go to. Class 806. Class 806 was the last class I ever wanted to go to. The majority of the rumors said it was filled to the brim with nonstop hard work and extreme mental challenges. I know the teacher's name, heck, I'm surprised I even know how to spell his name, because it was some African mumbo jumbo (no offense to Africans and their names), but I'm just not gonna say it here. Starting off the year was a total disaster. My teacher spoke french 24/7 everyday and I didn't even understand most of what he said. I know they said it would be extreme, but I never thought it would be this extreme. I payed my closest attention to him for the first few days and I still couldn't undarstand his french. I forgot to to ask my parents to sign forms and also forgot to bring them. The teacher got all mad at me for forgetting these important things, still speaking french. The first time I heard him speak english was one of the most disheartening moments of my school life. And it was only the first month. He asked me a question in english because he knew I couldn't understand that question in french. (Yes, he said the question in french but then I couldn't understand.) That was very insulting to me. My eyes started getting all glossy because of the tears forming in my eyes. Good thing I stayed strong and held them back by my rapid blinking. Call me sensitive, but it happens when I'm overwhelmed and I have no idea what to do. Same as being humiliated. Thank god that happened after school, where no one was in class, because I most likely would have bursted into tears with everyone looking at me. That moment is what started seeping the tension between us. After I hung my head in shame, walking out of the class, I went home and let all the tears out on my pillow bed, and on my arms, and on my brother. It felt good to get it over with. After that, I felt much better and considered the events after school as a wakeup call. I was properly motivated and prepared for the next day at school. A month later, I adapted to my french comprehension and started communicating in french more easily. And I learned it the hard way. I started participating in class more often. I was especially active when putting my hand up to answer questions. There is one main reason why I do that. Sure, it's for the marks, but it's also to get the teacher to stop picking on me whenever he asks the class questions. You see, ever since I started forgetting to bring my forms, basically at the beginning of the year, my teacher has been challenging me with french questions, and usually I wound up utterly dumbfounded. I don't want to witness that so I started answering questions more often. Uh, that's what I assume. At least now I don't feel like the dumbest kid in the class. Enough about that. I feel as much pressure whenever I think about highschool. First of all, I cannot believe you have to do at least 40 hours of volounteering to graduate. That is just not my thing. I only applied to like one school, and I feel like such a fool for also applying to the french extended program. I felt like it was good for university. But, as always, I guess I'll just have to power through it. I'm an even bigger fool for not applying to the AP program. I know, that's just going to bring even more stress, but joining the AP program gives me a better shot at getting into university. I want to go to university like my brother will. Every younger sibling has a superior older sibling that's better at you than everything. My older brother is what gets me so worried about my future. I feel like I won't be as successful as him. He's in the IB program, gets good grades in a program like that, is in a swim team, isn't fat, and is very ambitious and outgoing. He's like, everything I want to be. That's why he's the best. The only thing he's not is empathetic. I don't want to explain that. But we're like polar opposites, I swear. Despite our differences I'm glad, and very lucky, to have a brother like him, no matter how envious I get. He's the most talented, outstanding brother I know. Anyways Yeah, school gets a big part in this paragraph because it's got a big part in my life. Speaking of life, I wish I had one this year. I am ready for next year, though. This was no speech or anything, I just needed to write about myself to relax. Like I said, like, 8 paragraphs ago, my speeches are the same for every year. A lot of memes were born, and I enjoyed social media the most this year honestly. Now it's time to shoot fireworks to celebrate the opening gates to a new year. Happy New Year, to everybody who is and isn't reading this. It's 11:17 PM on a Saturday, December 2016. Well goodbye, 2016, you're gonna be over in about 40 minutes. I won't miss you. Maybe I will. Well, you know what they say, we can't dwell on the past. 2017 had better be a better year.

2019 July


I just came back to say My life has hit rock bottom with no hope of recovery. End of entry

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