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 conta. Há muito que fazer na Wikirespostas, aquí estão as recomendações daszer:. coisas que voce pode faDo you have a life I am asking this because it seems you have the major achievements and it kinda makes it look like you have no life. I do not mean to be rude this is not my intention but I just wanted to know so please don't take affence of this. —Preceding unsigned comment added by BFDIADavid For months, we only had myself as the only active administrator. Because of this, we're in need for some new admins. Since we don't have enough admins and because I don't like strict rules, there are no rules regarding your days active or your number of edits. Just show us that you are a good editor who want to access some extra features on this wiki.

Comment below if you want to be an admin, and you can support/oppose them by replying to their comments. After consideration, the users will be given admin rights.

(Note that I don't have the permission to promote other users to admins by myself. I would have to ask other admins who still edit on other wikis to do that.)

So, want to be an admin? Comment below!

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