aka KlutzFighter9578!

  • I live in The Highways
  • My occupation is MIGHTY MORPHIN'
  • I am Why do you want to know?

Hi guys! It's Mr. Yokai here. I'm an object man who creates cool stuff and currently uses ALL styles of object creating (normal, cartoonish, and anime).


Also, call me for my acronym:

Mega Extraordinary Memey Epic Kart Amping INKLING!


Hey guys. I'm growing out of this wiki. I might return, but not alot. I am busy with SSLW, But hey.. I'll still be active.

Artwork & Fanart!

List of User Interaction

I give credit to Saranctha.

  • Saranctha: Best boi in the world! (Friends)
  • Nahuel: Yeah, this guy's good. (Friends)
  • Cutie: A good girl! I congratulate her on being the first girl with 10,000 edits. (Friends)
  • Infinity: Half like, half dislike. (Neutral)
  • Nemolee: Sometimes he gets fooled into protecting bad users, like the time he got fooled. But still! (Friends)
  • Tyler: I'm not really interacting with him, but I assume this. (Acquaintances, mostly because his bad antics as an admin)
  • BattleReviews: The guy who made the AMBS. I've been friends with him on chat. (Friends)
  • AzUrArInG: Cool guy who also hated TowMatar and Molly Bee. Made a shipping called TowMatar X Molly Bee! Lulz! (Friends)
  • Laclale: Not sure. We had arguments ever since I blocked her on the secret wiki. I never realized she became content moderator. So I guess I could say NEUTRAL because we slightly improved our friendship. (Neutral)
  • BTB: Yeah. Would say NEUTRAL, but her great drawings impressed me. She also fainted and I brought her back to AMBS. I assume it's... (Friends)

Some other Users not Listed on Saranctha's List of Users

  • Minh: He was pretty much quite insulting to some users, but hey, I protected him for Rillers. Kinda. (Neutral)
  • Sylvester: Made a Free-Add Comic wiki when she didn't own Free-Add Comics. She doesn't really interact with me and I don't anymore... so... (Acquaintances)
  • ObjectTFRGWizard: Made the best Object Virus forum! (Friends)
  • Puppies: Not my best friend. She renamed my The Super Sawesome Elimination Show to The Super Awesome Elimination Show. (Acquaintances)
  • TowMatar: This annoying guy who sockpuppets. He was pretty obvious to figure out. (Enemies)
  • Molly Bee: Vandalized my userpage, placed dirty images, placed images of us dying from her, UGH! (Omegenemies)
  • Pen Battle For Dream Island: He just sockpuppeted about two times and is quite annoying. (Acquaintances)
  • JoeJoe: I have no idea why he doens't like being called JoeJoe when his name is JoeJoetheAnimator. (Acquaintances)
Cuphead by bombertim-da6wkq3


Bottle BFB Intro



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