Oh hello! Welcome to ObjectTrek.net. It's dot com!

Just kidding. I'm MrMenCentral, otherwise known as hr. I'm making an object show. It's called Object Trek. You can learn about the Object Trek contestants here.

My favorite object show contestants

  • Puffball - Despite what she did in BFDIA 5e, I still like her. I think it's because of her voice.
  • Bubble - Bubble has a distinctive voice too. I like it when she says "Yoylecake!" Sometimes I even say it myself!
  • Ice Cube - I don't know what is it about Ice Cube. Maybe it's all those recycled lines.
  • Suitcase - Well, what's not to like about Suitcase? (Maybe the fact that she turned on the alliance by voting for Nickel to be eliminated in episode 11.)
  • Yin-Yang - These guys just crack me up. "Water!" "Dr. Fizz!" "Water!" "Dr. Fizz!" "Water!" "Dr. Fizz!"
  • Paintbrush - Well, even though he/she has anger issues, he/she is one of my favorites because of his/her mysterious unknown gender. (Though I somewhat think Paintbrush is a boy.)
  • Boat - Kinda like Suitcase. What's not to like about Boat? Other than the fact that she got eliminated in episode 11, I mean.
  • Baguette - He was one of the more interesting characters in BOTO. I was surprised when he spoke fluent English in episode 12.
  • Shelly - Of the final 5 of BOTO, she's my favorite. I even voted for her to win. She's one of the few characters with high-pitched voices who doesn't use recycled lines.
  • Tune - I guess I just like characters with vocoded voices.
  • Bouncy Ball - That running gag with him and the number 4 is just too funny.
  • Dice - I don't even know how I started liking Dice. I guess I drew a picture of her and I started to be a fan.
  • Rose - If you watch Battle for the Copper, you'll know who I'm talking about. BFTC is in slideshow format, so I came up with voices for all the contestants. I gave Rose a Puffball-based voice. 

​There's more that I'll get to later.

Object Trek is out!!!

Object Trek episode 1 is out! Check it out here! Don't forget to add an RC if you want. (Voting is over, by the way.)

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