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Do i not look happy to you?!?!


  • Joining this wiki
  • Joining a camp
  • Making a page
  • Making 2 pages
  • New Badges
  • Earning 12 badges
  • Adding a Blog


What i'm Doing

If you want to know what i'm doing and contribute to it. Click here !

Another one Here!

My Character Assets/Pose's

______________________________________________________________________________________________Bucket Pose Mine.pngBucket Body.pngGlass Shard.pngGlass Shard Body.pngStrawberry Pose.pngComit.pngFiley.pngBan Stamp.pngGlove.pngPeanut Pose.pngPeapod.pngSpade.pngTip Jar Pose.pngTorpedo.pngFiley Pose.pngBan Stamp Pose.png


Satanchu (Duh He's My Brother :P)

THE BEST FAN OF BFDI(A)!!! (Our "Fight" Is Over.)

Thefreesmarter bfdia (She is awesome :D)

Elemental Raccoon (Hes FF's are good plus he joined my camp and talked to me :3)

TheACTUALBFDIfantoeverexist101 (He was my first friend, Besides My brother, Im unhappy he's Banned D:)

Lollypop20009 (If you haven't noticed, She is my sister. She might soon to be Freesmarter's Girll Friend >:D)

Blubluboy199 (He is another one of my brother's)

My Characters

Filey Pose.pngBan Stamp Pose.pngBucket Pose Mine.pngStrawberry Pose.png

Top 5 BFDI(A) Characters

5. Bubble

4. Spongy

3. Snowball

2. Coiny

1. Pin



The Hunger Games Background.jpg

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