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Very Important Note: DEyess.png NEyess.pngT EDIT MY ACCOUNT! IF YOU DEyess.png, I'M TELLING AN Admin-pms.png (dude, your story is over, i don't think an admin is gonna do diddly squat!)!

Hello User, My name is Jordan B. I because an object show fan (and character stealer). I'm the creator of When Objects Work (s. The misspelled name) and Color Overload.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel or something.

OC List (ignore the O here)

Before you do anything, read these rules Edit My Stuff

  • You are probably allowed to edit My OC (correction: SC - Stolen character) Pages, but the edits must be monitored by Me.
  • No vandalism, swearing, blood, or gore.
  • No harassing or bullying Me.
  • No saying bad things about me (yeah, right! Like that's gonna work!).
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