Hi! I am FireyTheFlameOfDreamIsland. Welcome to my user page. Sorry, I don't know how to fix my name so just deal with this Alphabetical-Length Username.

Most of the inspiration of me making poses comes from JoeCling. He's really great at making object show poses and if you don't like his art, then who even are you? The rock people have been living under for the past who knows how many years?

Things I take part of


Battle of Rejected BFDI Contestants


TONOS Hurt and Heal


On Break

The G+ Ultimate Survival Wikia Reboot



Object Show Big Brother's Reboot (Was cancelled, want to redo even if not mine)

Member of:

The Battle For Dream Island Water Park! (Yin Yang, Test Tube, Water Balloon, Snowflake, and Pen)

Favorite characters

New Woody Pose.png
Teardrop BFMR.png
New Donut Pose.png

Favorite BFDI Contestant

Favorite BFDIA Contestant

Favorite BFDIA Newbie

Favorite Inanimate Insanity Contestant

Favorite Inanimate Insanity 2 Contestant

Favorite Paper Puppets Contestant

Favorite BOTO Contestant

Favorite Object Universe Contestant

Favorite Object Twoniverse Contestant

Favorite Object Treachary Contestant

Favorite Object Insanity Contestant

Favorite Object Mayhem Contestant

New Paintbrush Pose.png
New Test Tube Pose.png
Map Pose.png
Amethyst (OT Pose).png
OIR Water.png
Tune pose for FINAL 16 WALLPAPER.png

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