Moo. I'm a cow. 

Fight for Cheese Manor

Fight for Cheese Manor Squared

Camps you can find me in:

Omega Symbol in Battle for Cake Kingdom (SuperCDLand)

Omega Symbol in Battle for the Solar System (KirbyRider1337)

Dusty in Battle for Magic City (Narzininator)

Saw in Battle for Replica Island (YearsAnimations)

Ice Cube in PowerpointNinja's Object Camp (ELIMINATED) (PowerpointNinja)

Pi Symbol and Spike Ball Speaker Box in Magic Object Cruiser (PowerpointNinja)

Luigi Hat in Battle for the Overload Universe (WhaiJay)

Fries in Cheese For The Fight (TardisTheTardis)

Jigsaw in Battle For Farm Land (ELIMINATED) (TheOnlyBoxThatSubs)

Grassy in Anthony's BFDI/II Camp (Anthony Renger)

Trash Can in Object Crossovers (SuperCDLand)

Trash Can in Battle for Green Sparkles (BFDIBOYERSFTW)


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