Hello! I am DarkRookYT, and I am a very active person on this wiki.

Friends and Enemies


  • ButterBlaziken230: A pretty cool guy who was one of the main reasons C.O.R.N. is pretty halfway on users. And if he's reading this right now, tell him he chill.
  • UpliftedObjection: A good friend of mine that joined the wiki JUST to sign up for C.O.R.N.... he deserves my gratitude.
  • HitOnEvil: Another great friend that I know that also joined just for C.O.R.N.... GRATITUDE POWAHHHH
  • Vemsa: A nice guy who's a great partner for raids. He's also a good friend on Roblox.


Nobody here!


None so far! Good to know.

Camps I Have Been In

  • The Adventure Forward Towards The Prize (BFDI wiki): Rook (Placement: TBA)

Camps I'm Hosting/Co-Hosting

  • C.O.R.N.
  • Entity Camping Octave (BFDI wiki)

The Dark Rook's First Epic Random Gallery

Pictures 1-10

Blue Coin That Might Be A Proj-Prot Token From The Race Of Children Otherwise Known As TROC Anyway That Token Guy Is Stuck In A $1467 Dollar Bill That Is Apparently Rare But Is Almost Unknown Anyway [First picture sent to my gallery!]

Papyrus But He Is An Apple From Grillby's That Sans Almost Ate But Sans Did Not Eat Him Because He Noticed The Limbs And The Scarf And The Shoes But Why Would An Object Wear Shoes Anyway Huh? [Second picture sent to my gallery!]

Scruffy Dog That Looks Like Scooby-Doo But He Is Cooler And Has A Sicker Digital Appearance Than It [Third picture sent to my gallery!]

A Planet-Like Object That Would Be Angry But He Does Not Have Any Assets On Him So It's Just A Planet [Fourth picture sent to my gallery!]

The Face All Epic Gamers Make Either When They Win Video Games Or If They Make Their Sibling Rage [Fifth picture sent to my gallery!]

A Flying Stickman Who Is Now A Shooting Stars Meme But It Is Obvious That He Forgot His Medications [Sixth picture sent to my gallery!]

The Number Seven That Is Black But Not In A Racist Way Because That Would Be Rude To Some People But Anyway He Is Also The Seventh Picture Sent To My Gallery And That Is Very Surprising To Us All [Seventh picture sent to my gallery!]

MePhone3 But It's Not MePhone3 Because The Official MePhone3 Belongs To Object Planet Because That MePhone3 Is The Host Of Object Planet And That Host Of Object Planet Is Supposed To Be Limey Green [Eighth picture sent to my gallery!]

A Creepy Television Balloon Guy With A Yellow And Purple Bow That Is Usually Called Swag Times Nine But The Entire Name Is A Pun Because It Shows No Sign Of Swag And It's The Ninth Picture In My Gallery [Ninth picture sent to my gallery!

A Very Pretty Painted Picture Of Thomas The Tank Engine's Friend Who Might Be Called Percy But I Dunno [Tenth picture sent to my gallery!]

Pictures 11-20

My Absolute Favorite Character Made By The Wuggle Jack But It Isn't Surprising That This Is In This Spot Because Eleven Is My Favorite Number And It's Double Surprising Because Eleven Is In Stranger Things So I'm Desperately Trying To Make This A Cool Picture In My Gallery So Yeah Check This Disco Ball Out [Eleventh picture sent to my gallery!]

A Cool Token That Has A Troll Face On It So That It's Called A Troll Token And I Think It's Got Detail [Twelfth picture sent to my gallery!]

The Tree Who Hit The Whip [Picture Number 13]

A Sailor, The Man And The Friend Of Popeye [Picture Number 14]

dun nun nun nun nun nun nunna nunna DINO MAN [Picture Number 15]

Orangelatin: A Mix Of Orange From OI And Gelatin From BF(B)[DI(A)] [Picture Number 16]

Angry Birds Toys R Us [Picture Number 17]

Crabby Cringe Master [Picture Number 18]

Nyan Can Man [Picture Number 19]

20 Kilobytes wasted? COME ON! [Picture Number 20]

Pictures 21-30

Haha, it's ( y o l o ) time! [Picture Number 21]

Twenty-two is two twos, so two two for tutu! [Picture Number 22] (Also, the guy in Picture 23 can't talk, don't mind him...)

*In this picture, we see a Pokemon waifu kid who cannot talk, don't mind him...* [Picture Number 23]

The medications that the stickman in Picture 6 forgot... huh. [Picture Number 24]

Kid, stop. I don't wanna hear a peep out of you.. (haha) [Picture Number 25]

Cool, Apple programs support LGBT! [Picture Number 26]

The King Of The TROC World gets released as a... VALENTINE??? [Picture Number 27]

Cringey Boy Toothpaste [Picture Number 28]

Angry Juice Rage Man [Picture Number 29]

*psst! don't tell anyone i ship them!* [Picture Number 30]

Pictures 31-40

bottle cap coiny face [Picture Number 31]

coiny bottle cap face [Picture Number 32]

He's stuck in a snowglobe in a brown box in a snowy habitat. Cool. [Picture Number 33]

Goth Cracker [Picture Number 34]

happy pen [Picture Number 35]

happy pen watching nyan can man [Picture Number 36]

BEST GUY OF ALL TIME! [Picture Number 37]

Wait, this is not Toriel... [Picture Number 38]

"Aw Seriously: A Romance Novel." [Picture Number 39]

"but I'm a fat slob, and I ate them!" MePhone4, 2011. [Picture Number 40]

The Dark Rook's List of OC's

Although there are no pages on them, these have a list of my OC's. J and Rook cannot be used, as they are my main OC's. The others you need permission to use.

  • J
  • Rook
  • Kala'au Stick
  • Tesseract (Shared with HitOnEvil)
  • Fizzy
  • Scribbley
  • Turkish Delight
  • Poi Bag
  • Liquid Licorice
  • Yeet Mug
  • Avocado Tree

why i exist

  • um
  • umm
  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • no idea

why did i make this part?


still got no clue

To-Do List

  • Get all 12 signups for C.O.R.N.
  • Never get grounded so I can stay on this wiki

Things On This List I accomplished

  • Kill more than 3 planets on Weird And Wonderful Space Hurt And Heal
  • Get to 500 achievement points for Earned Badges

How active am I?


5 = I practically am on every site here.

4 = Very active.

3 = Moderately active.

2 = Not active a lot.

1 = Most likely not active.

0 = Taking a break from this wiki.

-1 = Taking a break from Fandom altogether.

Current Level

I currently am on Level 2. Schoolwork. Plus, I'm more active at the BFDI wiki these days.

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