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My fanfics and activites

Battle for a sksycraper(Taller skyscraper)

Color Battle(2)

Inanimate insanity fanfic

Battle for Redemption(Deleted)

A Leafy Story(now a two user fanfic)

Survive the disasters(Now deleted)

Future activities

Friends on this wiki

A good bureaucrat

Peashooter Fan

Started the Hurt and Heal chain

One of the good users who is sadly inactive

Added a lot to Object show gallery

Creator of Before BFDI

Forty Six

My best friend on this wiki


Neutral on this wiki

Rocky and creator of B4ABU

Inactive now

Try to improve grammar




Bfdi is the best

Enemies on this wiki

Fanfic stealer

The one who wants to destroy wikia

His assistant


Since Unicorn did his wiki history. Might as well I do mine

It started in January 15 2015. A month after I joined Wikia. I found this wiki(I watched Object shows before joining this wiki) and I joined it instantly.

My first fanfic was called Battle for the skyscraper. It was really messy and stuff. I then recreated it. Its called Battle For a Skyscraper(New and Improved version). I then made Color battle. Which I have to admit was one of my favorite fanfics to create/edit. They both continued till their second seasons. They are currently on hiatus.

I was participating in camps and hurt and heals and that stuff too. I also used to make predictions and top 10s but they werent that interesting compared to making fanfics.

Things were going normal for me until a change happened.Many users(PP46,Unicorn,Bfdi is the best etc) joined the wiki at this time. I was happy to see more users join.There were also Bad users like vandalizers.

After that. I started Wave 2 of my fanfics which consisted of Survive The disasters(which is now deleted),A Leafy's Story which was owned by me then by PP46 and then by both and more that are coming soon!.A Leafy's story has been my only fanfic till date which has been a two user fanfic. Its has been successful so far! Hopefully it will be my very first successful fanfic!!! and Pencil camp. Which never really made it far. OC battle:Save Goiky was the next fanfic made and the first one which had OC's of mine and other users in it.

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