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Name: Karlie

Gender: Female

Orientation: Asexual, aromatic

Hey there, welcome to my profile.

I don't participate in vandalism attacks anymore because of my failure with the Molly Bee thing.

I have no hope left in participating, but if you can become a contend mod, maybe you can help out...

One day...

But enough of that talk, I've been an OSC member since a year ago (I started in presumably January of 2017) and joined in when I watched BFDI for the first time. I loved it. I started watching other object shows (such as Inanimate Insanity and Object Madness) before finally joining the OSC with an OMN wiki that eventually got the creator's attention.

Object shows I make

  • Best of the Rest (ob hiatus right now, probably will be pushed to 2019)
  • Melody Star reboot
  • Rush Hour Elimination (Generation 3)

Object shows I plan to make

  • Object Havoc reboot (I did ask the creator, but he never responded)
  • Object Land *second* reboot (I'm kinda nervous of how other people think about it)

Scrapped object shows

  • "Adventure Rush," which was an object show with a few Object Redundancy characters, and a drop out from that show as well as a character from it's beta, "Another Object Show." It was going to be kid friendly, and take place in some jungle with a Aztec/Mayan temple which has a fountain that acts as a recovery center. Each episode, the group of objects go on adventures, either due to an object's actions, or a conflict between two of the objects. I asked the creator on YouTube, but no response. Asked him on dA, and then he said I could not make it, so then Adventure Rush was scrapped.
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