I was blocked for two weeks, and I was inactive for almost a month. So now I'm back from the dead!

R.I.P. BM44 the Object Thingy March 3-May 2.

Back from the dead = Escaping from your blocked old account

I'm back! After five months of being inactive, BM44 finally returns!

Note: I will not make non-object content anymore. Instead, I will create OCs from original bodies, no FUNnel Vision faces, and create OCs from snipping images.

Check out FUNnel Vision faces (and other faces not made by FV):




1. Block Ceruglyphy.

2. Roleplays don't flood! Unban roleplays so everyone can have peace!

3. Make more OCs.

4. Make number OCs?

5. Add more Nintendo characters including Miis.

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