Welcome everyone! I'm BFODR Offical. You will call me the Animation Mega Files also.

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Check of my deviantart here! (mabye it based of Pokémon Procyon & Deneb or something)

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I'm a huge fan of Object Shows,Pokémon and more!

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The elegant Gardevoir Fan!
The elegant Gardevoir Fan!

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"I feel so super fantastic!" — Barf Bag
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Talk anyone about this generation?

Anytime so in the generation,can you explian? Evolutions


Tales of Mythical Objects

If TOMO characters with Pokemon types


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"I think I know what's going on, you bought BFODR Offical, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
BFODR Offical was adopted by BFODR Offical. Henceforth, all rights, continuity, and proper use settings go to BFODR Offical, who now says what is in-character and what is not in this article's vicinity. Though everyone can edit this article, BFODR Offical has the final say on their character from the rules from the Object Shows Community.

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"Please do not touch my BFODR Offical because there is nothing to do!” - Grimrose
Any article was adopted by BFODR Offical.Henceforth,all rights,continuity,and proper use settings go to BFODR Offical,who now says what is in-character and what is not in this article vicinity.Though everyone can edit related The World of Mysterious Objects pages,but this page is owned by TOAPF himself.Don't you think stealing or using it without my permission.So,you can only comment. If you do,she gonna attack with a powerul psychic attack.

You can edit his permission when think person named above.


"Crafty,and good!" - Four'
This user makes requested by submission characters.





I have so many ocs in my collection.

My Color fixed templates

Notes on Current FANDOM

  • It is possible to get Gallery of new files. (Only accessible via Discuss due to the NewFiles being inaccessible. link here)



  • BrownFamily1108:He make of my poses so far!
  • Highpows:On my supporting characters in this wiki. He help of my Object Megaverse concepts
  • SlenderKidz2000:I possibbly post non-object show but,he is help either.
  • Travjt:In several in not chat,when is on the UCP. He is so nice to have a meet,and greet
  • YoshiFanon:He have to add summary to them,Articles using BFSU movesets,but their images are low-in quality.
  • ButterBlazkien230:After being netural,He is nice to them. He have the Addding on BFTUW after Canned Goomba.His main object character is Question Box
  • Sanicmeme:He have the video game related stuff after Mario and Luigi. He had the main OC called Sanic the Hedgehog.
  • Jacoby Dardren: I dint add some Jacoby Dadren Family. I dint tried to add some Object Invasion,Nonexisting Living,and Object Terror characters in my show.
  • Carlmedian:On my sweet hero,On my regular few request,heartbeats are too inaproppriate.So no,or even main Object character is Cool Toothpaste
  • MegaDaAwsomeAnimator:We upload some HD images!
  • Dunker0 (idk wip)

Unknown Friends

  • Sophia193:She forgot some captions to her seprator.

In PvZ Wiki....

  • SerenityStars364: She was a great cutie! :3
  • Ohsnappies:Good job,you did made one.


  • Vemsa:He have warned to me,but so,he is chippy
  • Lightbulb Shocker:She is not angry to me,about of my opinion. So,ok.

In PvZ Wiki....

  • Alpha and Omega is cool!: I hated that boy who make fanmade plants.


Unknown Enemies

  • Justice F:He stole some characters. (even BFB)

In PvZ Wiki....

Nope there is no response


  • He,and Carlmedian are the only users never denies to be obsessed with P&B's art, although this is probably not the case.
  • He,and Carl Toothpaste are the only characters are not a art theif,but this is not often.
  • He likes Book to win TPOT.
  • Pun of Bells is pretended and constantly denied by TOAPF herself not to be his alt, although it has been proven that it is based on the attitude.
  • His favorite Pokémon is Gardevoir.
  • His least favorite Pokémon is Falinks.
  • The Mega means it is a Mega Evolution.
  • He formerly to be a randomized, and now it is a elegant user,just like Diantha.
  • He likes Pokémon Procyon and Deneb related and Vega related pages,articles,and also,images.
  • He and Pancaiks&Butter are the only users who like Minecraft.
  • He and Pancaiks&Butter are the only users who like some present colors and schemes.
  • This user is remarkably more difficult than the average SlenderKidz2000, as the boss users have well-optimized sets and often carry at least one user and ton of edits to cover their weaknesses. You also can upload images and videos in day. Not to mention how many of the pages are longer, and the hardest user that lay scattered across the FANDOM.
  • His favorite Bugsnax is Paletoss,Scoopy,Bopsicle and Poptick.

My Favorite Characters

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