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Hello User, I'm AzUrArInG, I like Kaiju movies, video games, Object Shows, and more. I also have a YouTube account and I'm glad to come here too.

Favorite OCS

Favorite Object Shows

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My Friends

  • Doogle The Dino - A friend of mine at my school that is cool
  • CribleyKid - A friend of mine at my school that is cool
  • Jusidian - A friend of mine at my school that is cool
  • SethCardonaIsHere - A friend of mine that is very cool and has some cool characters he made
  • Pufferfishmax - Helped me with some of my characters I requested him
  • Cutiesunflower - A friend of mine that has some really good and cool characters
  • BrownFamily1108 - A friend of mine that has some really cool characters
  • SpectreDoesStuff - Originally an enemy of mine, but now were friends because he thankfully now hates 13OhFourG (Garrett).
  • TWDremaker2000 - helped making upgraded assets and poses for a lot of my OCs.

My Enemies

  • CoolGamesta - A guy who griefed my friends server called Sweetz, lied about many things, and many more (Note: Since September 2016, he left Youtube and Minecraft and was never seen again ever)
  • Mike Cassidy - Similar to 130hFourG, but is not as bad as Garrett, he trolled people, annoyed them when they wanted to be left alone, creates some of the dumbest stuff ever such as Zillagod, he created many alt accounts, and many more
  • Blue Fred Gaming - Called me something hurtful and was friends with CoolGamesta
  • Bonnie913 - An annoying guy who keeps just commenting a lot of stuff that are really unimportant on scratch, and he wouldn't leave me alone.
  • Devin8/Devin9/Devin100/Devin2 - Edited my articles that had nothing to do with what the article even was supposed to be
  • Wc.bobrunov - A total jerk and made some very mean edits on me
  • Enderman the cool - A jerk who called me and some others a noob.
  • J7777 - A guy who spammed images at me and said that he hated me just because I put this comment "I hate woody now because he dabbed in episode 2 of BFB"
  • TowMatar - An annoying idiotic lying jerk who copies peoples stuff such as him copying Cutiesunflower's Hawaii Objects. He also ripped off my main OC, Football. He also made an image of Red Ball without my permission. He also thought I was Nemolee.exe for some stupid reason.
  • Molly Bee - A large jerk who does so many inappropriate things and showing actual private parts of people from the world, and is a bully (primarily to Cutiesunflower).
  • ZenderDragon - At first I was really neutral to him, but became a huge jerk and called my dead father SATAN TWICE, which angered me so much.
  • AzUrArInG2 (aka The Imposter) - An imposter of mine trying to pretend to be a sockpuppet of mine despite I never made a sockpuppet or did stuff like that on wiki.


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